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Can Wimmen Save the Wurld? by Pamela Jaye Smith

Men have pretty much run the show for the last 5,000 years or so.

Yes, there have been some absolutely amazing accomplishments in science, art, medicine, music, architecture, literature, exploration, inventiveness, and socio-politics mostly attributable to the male of our species.

However, there are definitely some down-sides to a male-dominated system and we’re all feeling those consequences what with rampant inequality, ecological chaos, constant warfare, military conflict taking precedence over and sucking resources from domestic well-being, social inequality and slavery. We’re just now coming up on the centennial of American women getting the right to vote via the 19th Amendment, ratified in 1920.

The tech world is a testosterone-drenched geekster enclave that yes, is becoming more female-friendly, but there’s still quite a ways to go. Recall Gamer Gate.

Again, not all men are responsible for or even approving of the top-dog rigid patriarchal systems strong-arming the world today. Thank goodness for that. Yet around the world, particularly in those systems dominated by strong-men, demagogues, or just ‘capitalist businessmen’, women and anyone seen as ‘other’ do not enjoy equality.

It’s time for change. Serious change. A higher level of change, not just a revolution. What we need is Evolution.


How might we accomplish that?

We need an individual, societal, cultural and world perspective that includes the feminine. Based on the balancing yin-yang principle in Oriental philosophy, we need a serious infusion of more yin to the over-riding yang.

This does not mean it’s either male or female. Two of the strongest men I’ve ever known had a very strong sense of their own feminine side. Both were battle-tested warriors very comfortable in expressing emotions and supporting females, embodying Courage, Wisdom, and Compassion.

In these days of gender fluidity and transitions we can not limit the ‘Wimmen stuff’ just to genetically designated females. It’s more a state of mind and if we do this well, it’s a state of mind that combines the culturally designated male or female roles and attributes and takes all to a higher turn of the spiral of evolution towards the greatest good for the greatest number.

As more and more females enter the realms of influence in business, technology, science, the arts, statecraft, the military, and civil society we are seeing sometimes radical changes in the vision and goals of these organizations. And that’s great. Let’s have even more.

Young women activists are showing up in demonstrations and in organizations and are really making a difference, from Greta Thunberg’s Climate movement to Malala Yousafzai’s education for girls movement. Malala already has a Nobel Peace Prize and Greta has just now been nominated for one.

The head of NASA recently said he thought the first person on Mars might be a woman. This new world we co-create will not just be a captive breeding program but a collaboration among people of varying gender expression and above that – human expression. The fate of another world depends on it.

We have a number of activist, protector, warrior, productive and comforting goddesses from many mythologies: Artemis-Diana the Huntress and protector of youth, Kwan Yin the Chinese goddess of Compassion, the Spider Woman in many American cultures who weaves the world, the Nepalese Kumari, Welsh Rhiannon, and many more.

In history and legend there is a rich though sparse tradition of exceptional women including Toypurina of the Southern California Kizh people, often called the Joan of Arc of California, and England’s late Princess Diana who worked to eliminate deadly land mines from war zones around the world. Many more can be found in the sources below.

So how can Wimmen of any age, expression, or circumstance help change the world for the better? Many of the organizations, people, books, and movies below offer examples, information, and inspiration.


Some tools to remember in your own story and character creation, and in your own real life:

  1. Recognition creates Relationship. Find a way to understand and relate.
  2. Most people don’t have Thoughts; what they have are Opinions about their Emotions. Encourage critical thinking skills, education, and open-mindedness.
  3. We need to look at Systems, not just Symptoms. Band-aids won’t stanch the flow of the life-blood of our people and our planet. We must get to the origin of situations and make changes there.


Sometimes a slight shift in perspective can give us a fresh view on things. If we can reconnect with the ideals and egalitarianism of both feminine and masculine we can actually evolve to a higher turn of the spiral that can benefit all.

The good news is that besides super-heroines such as Katniss Everdeen, Wonder Woman and Captain Marvel we now have more and more real life people putting feminine wisdoms and perspectives to use in improving the world.


Can Wimmen Save the Wurld?



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  • Greta Thunberg – 16 year old Swedish girl nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize for her Youth Strike for Climate movement.


  • Malala Fund
  • Malala Yousafzai, Nobel Peace Prize laureate
  • [Her father was a teacher who ran a girls’ school in Pakistan.]





  • Thriver Sisterhood – Helping Women Sexually Abused as Children Thrive with Drama Therapy
  • Nancy Harkrider – founder


  • Alpha Babe Academy
  • Pamela Jaye Smith & Aurora J. Miller – co-founders
  • On-line courses, workshops, private consultations.




  • Birth2Work – When Parents Lead, Children Succeed
  • Elane V. Scott – co-founder


  • Mythic Challenges – Create Stories that Change the World
  • Brian Dyer, Jill Gurr, Pamela Jaye Smith – co-founders



  • Petra Volare – An inventor girl you never heard of before.
  • Children’s book by Reece Michaelson and Pamela Jaye Smith












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