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Book Marketing for Beginners by Hank Quense

For a new author, marketing is a vague, bewildering concept.  The process of writing a book does nothing to prepare an author for the necessary chores of marketing that book, nevertheless it is a daunting project that all authors must face.  The scariest part is the plethora of choices and tactics that are possible to …
Marketing and PromotionSavvyBlogWriting Life

Terms Not So Much of Endearment By Beth Daniels, aka Beth Henderson, J.B. Dane and Nied Darnell

My 2020 Resolutions list isn’t a list at all, you see. It’s a filled calendar for the new year. And barring any new disasters, this year I’ll accomplish more that’s on that calendar than I managed last year. This year, at least, I’m forewarned about things that will arrive from the publisher for my attention.