What Magicians Can Teach Us About Creating Surprises and Revelations in Stories by Peter Andrews

A good magic trick depends on several elements: The magician knows the audience. The magician creates a premise and sets expectations. The magician focuses the audience’s attention deliberately (for key information). The magician does the trick. The magician pays off the expectation, often over delivering on the expectation (but never disappointing) with a surprise and/or …
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When the Movie Trumps the Book: Dashiell Hammett’s The Thin Man By Beth Daniels, aka Beth Henderson, J.B. Dane and Nied Darnell

My 2020 Resolutions list isn’t a list at all, you see. It’s a filled calendar for the new year. And barring any new disasters, this year I’ll accomplish more that’s on that calendar than I managed last year. This year, at least, I’m forewarned about things that will arrive from the publisher for my attention.

Your Story Premise Pushed to the Limit – Creating and choosing a high concept that matters to you by Peter Andrews

Nothing ignites a premise like a high concept. Boiling down an idea so it grabs attention and still is accessible has power. From High Noon in space (Outland) to a lawyer who can’t lie (Liar, Liar) to snakes on a plane (Snakes on a Plane) a high concept can build excitement and sell a story. …