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Terms Not So Much of Endearment By Beth Daniels, aka Beth Henderson, J.B. Dane and Nied Darnell

My 2020 Resolutions list isn’t a list at all, you see. It’s a filled calendar for the new year. And barring any new disasters, this year I’ll accomplish more that’s on that calendar than I managed last year. This year, at least, I’m forewarned about things that will arrive from the publisher for my attention.
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Take a Walk on the Wild, Weird and Wonderful Side of Setting by Tracy Koppel

Why do the craft books make such a fuss about setting? Many readers start skipping ahead when they come to a description. Even some writers admit to skipping descriptions. But in On Writing, Stephen King spends seven pages on description—and he isn’t spending those seven pages telling us to skip all descriptions. Instead, he says, …