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Find Your Crew Dawn_McClure
Calling all the introverts - genre by genre of course.
How to Keep the Readers Turning the Pages with L.C. Hayden LC Hayden
Unlock the secrets to keep readers turning the pages of YOUR book!
Beyond Spellcheck: Self-Editing Before Submission with Kate McMurray Kate McMurray
Make sure your manuscript is the very best it can be!
  • terrimain
    Opened registration for a new class: Business Facebook for Writers in 2023 with Terri Main
    The social media world is constantly changing. A few years ago, it was mostly Facebook and Twitter. Today, we have Instagram, TikTok...
  • SavvyWriterCon
    Opened registration for a new class: Writing Life 2023 SavvyAuthorsWriterCon: Ideas to Reality
    Let's face it, publishing is more competitive than ever and we all need ACTIONABLE content! That is content that we know will help us...
    • 2023 Writercon x1500.jpg
  • SavvyAuthors Events
    Opened registration for a new class: Craft 2023 Summer Slackers Book Club
    Did you spend your autumn wishing you had written more last summer? Well, we can't fix that, but we can provide you with something...
  • Dawn_McClure
    Opened registration for a new class: Writing Life One Scene a Day
    During this month-long class you will have written and edited half of a novel-length book—without breaking a sweat. Join SavvyAuthors’...
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  • Sunny Irene Roth
    Do you feel you are spinning your wheels, getting nowhere in your writing career? Would you like to be more successful and more...
  • CassandraCarr
    Plotting and pantsing seem like two different ways of writing, but most of us actually use a combination of both. If your writing style...
  • Deborah Bailey
    Opened registration for a new class: Craft Fairy Tale Retellings with Deb Bailey
    Fairy tale retellings are very popular for a reason. They use tropes and characters that we're familiar with. For instance, the...
  • TereMichaels
    Opened registration for a new class: Craft Our Writer's Voice with Tere Michaels
    Our Writer's Voice is more than how we write – it’s also about what and why we write. An understanding of our journey from consumer to...
  • Peter Andrews
    Opened registration for a new class: Genre Write Flash Fiction with Peter Andrews
    Don’t have time to write a novel? Well, fewer people have time to read one. That’s why flash fiction is hot, with over 300 paying...
  • P
    The tarot is a visual, symbolic and metaphorical tool that offers a unique and fun way to approach character development, setting...
  • Beth Daniels
    When you cruise the shelves at the bookstore, or the online listings, it’s easy to find stories of daring-do and hot clinches set in the...
  • Amdenisch
    Opened registration for a new class: Genre The Mystery of Setting with Anna Denisch
    It’s no unknown fact that setting can be its own character. Many books, movies, and other forms of entertainment have used the setting...
  • pjune-yahoo.com
    Are you seeking a coach and mentor who listens? Doesn't squash your writing style? And who provides positive, constructive feedback to...
  • Sia Huff
    Writing is transferring emotion onto the page to make a story come alive. Color sets the mood instantly without lengthy, detailed...
  • Landra Graf
    Opened registration for a new class: Genre Plot A Romance In Two Weeks with Landra Graf
    Plot a Romance Novel in 2 weeks. Set your book up for success with detailed character outlines that deepen story connection and...
  • C
    Show Don’t Tell: The Writer’s Golden Rule looks at different techniques of putting your readers into your story, and how to use them...
  • A
    Nobody's perfect, especially our characters! After all, they need room to change. In fact, the imperfect protagonist makes the...
  • Angela Knight
    The basic building blocks of romance fiction are conflicts: internal, external, and romantic. Strong conflicts drive readers to keep...
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