2022 Autumn Pitchfest!

Business 2022 Autumn Pitchfest!

I received a number of requests from the event. The addition of "currently looking for" was a great idea. I would, however, like an explanation of my achievements that appear in my profile. Otherwise, I'm looking forward to hearing good news and the Sweetheart session next year. Thanks for doing this.
Savvy Authors Pitchfest offered writers a straightforward platform for pitching agents and editors/publishers. The turnaround from posting the pitch to receiving information about interest was within 2 weeks.
I have loved being able to pitch to agents and editors that are accepting manuscripts directly. The "currently looking for" tags were extraordinarily beneficial and avoided over-pitching. Thank you for this opportunity.

I look forward to the next Pitchfest. Hoping I hear good news this week.
Great event. Thanks so much for the opportunity to pitch. Maybe when Sweetheart Pitch comes around, I'll have a polished NaNo project to submit. Good luck out there my fellow writers!
Thank you for organizing the event. It would help if the directions were more detailed about how to navigate your website and how to find out if there has been a response.
Great event overall - I especially appreciated the chance to pitch to editors! The one bit of feedback I'd offer is that it would have been helpful to include information about how each editor planned participate in their bio - meaning whether they planned to replying to the thread in real time, or provide a list after the fact. If I'd known not to expect replies for certain editors during the event I wouldn't have had to spend so much time checking each thread.
SavvyAuthors Pitchfest
Thanks, Louise! Great idea. We'll add that to the questions for the Pub Pros.
Easy and great advice leading up to event. Lots of helpful reminders. Terrific opportunity to get a pitch in front of quality industry people.
I loved having 3 days, but saw 3 different deadline times between the emails, and two different pages of the website. I didn't like getting emails or notifications of others querying the same agent/editor (was able to turn off the emails). Would also love to be able to jump to my pitches.
SavvyAuthors Pitchfest
Thanks for the feedback. Definitely going to improve this for next time. We can turn off auto-subscribe and post clearer instructions around how to monitor your pitches. And yes, we changed the deadline and missed a few places. Ugh. We'll do better next time! :)
Great job detailing information about agents. I received approx 20 email notifications over the three-day timeframe from authors replying to my submission. I wish all the authors the best of luck with their novels, but the incoming emails became a touch annoying. Anticipation was always high that it was an agent requesting pages.
SavvyAuthors Pitchfest
Thanks for the feedback. We got this loud and clear, we will improve communications for our Feb 'Fest!
Thanks for providing this wonderful opportunity. It was simple to do, with a great variety of agents and editors.
Nice variety in editors, publishers, agents and agencies offered. Having information on them and their organization in the same place where we replied to their post made it easy whether or not to submit. I'll definitely register for the pitch fest in February.
I appreciated the opportunity to pitch my story ideas to agents & editors. I also felt, however, that more agents & editors, who represent pictures books, should be a part all of your pitchfests. Also, I’d like an easier way to know whether or not the agents & editors are interested in my pitches. Otherwise, I loved the pitchfest & I very much enjoyed participating in the pitchfestv event.
SavvyAuthors Pitchfest
Thanks for the feedback! We definitely will improve communications next year!
I like the format of being able to pitch directly to agents that are looking for what I am writing. I do wish there were an easier way to jump to just my pitches, and only get updates if someone responds to my pitch (not the entire thread).
I joined Savvy Authors a few years ago and I've never been disappointed. Pitching a manuscript to agents and publishers looking for new books. Classes. Critiques. One gets so much out of being a member.
I enjoyed this event quite a lot. Perhaps a shorter time frame would be my only suggestion.
SavvyAuthors Pitchfest
Thanks for the suggestion! I have often wondered if a shorter time would be better. By Friday, the pitches are trickling in. Two days seems sufficient, but I hesitate to shorten it. Just not sure!
The selection of agents and their descriptions was great and since I pitched two books, both were sent to all of the agents except one- what a wonderful opportunity for me! The instructions were clear. The only problem I had was wondering which "reply" button I needed to hit; the one at the top right and then write in all the required topics or use the "reply" button at the bottom of the thread which had the topics already written out. I tried both buttons and now I'm praying all of my submissions went through. I sent an email with this question to the address on Thursday and still haven't heard back. Otherwise, this was a good experience for me. Thank you.
SavvyAuthors Pitchfest
Thanks for the feedback, Helen. Yes, our forums do allows two ways to post. I could have communicated that better...I will add it to the FAQ! :)
This was great! Thank you so much for offering it. So well-organized. I love the "currently looking for" tags.
SavvyAuthors Pitchfest
Thanks for the feedback! I love that the Currently Looking for tags helped! We hoped it would. :)
This is such a fun event! I love how it's organized. Writers are able to pitch to agents and editors of their choice, and all pitches are presented in a uniform way for them to sift through. I believe it gives writers an equal chance at attracting agent attention, as opposed to Twitter pitchfests, where results are often dictated by algorithms and the number of followers and public support each author has. And I'm sure it's nice for agents to have everything they are looking for in one thread, and know each pitch was (hopefully) posted because it corresponds with their wishlist. I hope even more agents and editors participate in the future!
This was my first Savvy Author pitch fest (any sort of pitch party, really), and I quite enjoyed it. The event was well organized, with a diverse roundup of agents and concise rules of how to pitch.
I love the fact that these agents posted what they were looking for in advance as that saved a lot of hunting. I think the timeframe to respond was a bit long (I'd make it 24 hours). If a writer is truly prepared for engaging with agents, I would think they would make it a priority to respond quickly. Thank you for doing this and for your great web site and tools!