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Craft 2022 Summer Slackers Book Club

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Do you spend your autumns wishing you had written more last summer? Well, we can't fix that but we can provide you with something educational and fun to do while you are not writing this summer! Enter the SUMMER SLACKER'S BOOK CLUB!

Just like Oprah, we'll pick a great craft book each month and read it together. While we are reading we'll post questions and musings in our forums and engage in lively (but very respectful) discussions about things like:
How did that NYT's best-selling author get away with that 50-page prolog anyway?
How do you identify where the climax of your plot is...and where it should be...? arg.
Why do some characters leap off the pages and live in you head and others lay there like dead fishes?

We're not promising any perfect solutions to your plot/character/action conundrums and we definitely won't be giving away cars (sorry) but we can read some great craft books and discuss what the experts think are the best approaches to fix our writing problems.

Once you register head over an recommend your favorite craft book to be added to our summer reading list!
Summer Slackers Craft Books
  • Each month we will choose a book from a list of suggested non-fiction craft titles.
    • SavvyAuthors will not provide the book, you must purchase a copy on your own to participate.
  • The SavvyAuthors moderators will post questions about relevant sections of the books each week.
  • They will encourage the participants to join in the discussion about the book, the craft approaches, and how they relate to their own experiences and writing.
  • Toward the end of each month, the group will nominate and choose the next book to read!
Week 1: the class reads the chosen book and we will do introductions in the forums, the first set of discussion questions will be posted
Week 2: More reading!! More discussion questions!! More Summer Slacking Fun!!!
Week 3: Rinse and Repeat..also you will be encouraged to sit by the pool and READ!!
Week 4: We finish up the book and nominate, then vote on the next months' read. You can glow in the knowledge that while you have slacked you have also increased your writing knowledge

With a pool!

We start a new book every month this summer so you can sign up any time before August 8!
Class Format
Savvy Authors' workshops and events are held on a forum: a bulletin board based system.

You will receive a reminder notice one day prior to the start of the workshop that includes instructions on how to access the workshop forum. If you have not received instructions by the day the workshop begins, please check your spam filter.

The forum will be available the morning (EST) of the day the event starts and will remain accessible to all participants thereafter. You will also be given simple instructions on how to create a PDF of all your discussions along with our privacy and data retention policy.
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Start date
Jun 1, 2022 at 9:00 AM
End date
Aug 31, 2022 at 6:00 PM
Registration end date
Aug 7, 2022 at 6:00 PM
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