2023 Autumn Pitchfest!

Business 2023 Autumn Pitchfest!

Love the pitch fests! Do you know when we'll hear if we got any responses? Thanks so much!
This was wonderful! Thank you for hosting it! I will definitely participate in future events!
The scariest thing about doing something like this is putting yourself out there for a chance at the biggest dream. I enjoyed everything because this is my dream.
Platform took a bit of getting used to but now I have it. Wished I'd had more time to devote to the pre-class to hone my pitch better.
Thanks so much for this opportunity to possibly connect with agents and/or editors. This was my first time pitching, so I was thankful for your clear directions and examples that made this so easy.
I love how easy it is to submit your pitch. I also love that we have early notice of who the agents and publishers are so we can read their bios and wishlists to make decisions on who is a great fit. Thank you for this event.
Everything went smoothly. I was able to submit to several agents and editors.
This a fabulous way to meet agents and editors. I did get an agent in the past through this pitch event. It's a great source for seeing what editors and agents are looking for.
I'm not sure that I'm qualified to review this, as I wound up not pitching. There was nothing wrong with the event that I noticed, but after reviewing the participating agents and editors, there weren't any asking for manuscripts like mine. That said, I'm positive the event was helpful to those that did participate. My only suggestion would be to expand more to include more age ranges and genres of it's possible. I understand the market is eternally changing and how difficult it is to include everything for everyone. It just felt like all the participating pros were all essentially looking for the same things and that made the entire process feel closed off to a select few.
SavvyAuthors Pitchfest
Thanks for the feedback! Just for our information, what genre were you looking for?
Thank you, Savvy Authors, for organizing this event and giving us the opportunity to pitch to agents and editors! I appreciated that it didn’t cost anything to participate.
Terrific event! So easy to pitch. Really appreciate the opportunity. Thank you!
It is a great forum - I didn’t get the instructions for my first pitch I left out info but maybe next time! Great forum for new authors.
It's a great way to get your stories in front of agents and editors! Held over three days, it gives you ample time to select which authors and editors to pitch to and to see what other authors are pitching. A well done event by Savvy Authors.
It was easy to see ahead of time who might be a good match for me. There was a nice mix of Big 5, smaller reputable presses, and some new ones to try out. Only 3 lined up for what I wanted, but that is okay. Also, you can't beat the price. : )
This event is such an amazing opportunity! It helps to streamline my agent search and keeps me from getting overwhelmed by choices.