2024 Spring Pitchfest

Business 2024 Spring Pitchfest

I loved this experience. Not only do I know that they'll actually see my pitch, (unlike twitter pitch fests) but I loved how easy it was to post. Of course, they may not like it or want to see it, but I could post and move on. Thanks!
It is nerve-wracking but a good experience. I appreciate this free opportunity. It allowed me to be brave!
This was a great opportunity, although I haven't had any nibbles. I would have liked more agents in my genre - but there were a few, so all good.
Will the list be posted soon? Thanks.
While I found the pitching format a bit quirky, I always appreciate the chance to pitch agents and editors. This is the second year I've participated and alas, had absolutely no bites on my pitches. For me, this time could be better spent with personal queries, so I won't be participating in the future. All best to everyone, and if anyone who pitched had a nibble, it would be encouraging to hear about it!
Well Ill be honest, its not really fun or informative.
I posted my pitch and then....cricket.
It would be better if it was interactive. Can't we post on each other stuff? give kind words and encouragement? and let the agents respond in another way. Its very disconnected. I haven't had to visit your site again after my pitch, is that your intent? If you want to drive traffic, you need to make it interactive and add a fun element.
I would not say I learned anything or got any value from this experience. Of course in 2 weeks, if/when I see feedback maybe my review would be different.
SavvyAuthors Pitchfest
Hi Gab, thanks for your feedback. We used to allow comments from other authors about pitches and sadly some nasty comments from a few ruined it for the rest of us. This pitchfest we had over 4 thousand pitches. Keeping an eye on all those to ensure that no comments were inappropriate is just too much for our small but determined team. So, we do not encourage authors to comment. We offer Pitchfest as a way of giving back to the writing community. It sends traffic our way, and we hope that people look at the other classes and events we offer, but we intend not to keep you on the site for three days. :) That is for WriterCon, our free online convention in the fall. We do hope that you come back and see if your pitch was successful or, if not, the pitches that were. To that end we notify everyone in two weeks when the results are in and are posted on the site. So, we hope to at least see you again then. Here's to hoping you got a request! :) ~Leslie
I love you give info of editors and agents ahead of time so we can get a feeling of what pitch goes to who. I also would love the system don't automatically send tons of email reminders when others pitch the same editor/agent as I do. Thank you!
These Pitchfests are well structured. I appreciate the post template. The only element I struggle with is finding the pages with the agent and editor information. I can find the page to register easily, but need to search hard for the actual event pages.
SavvyAuthors Pitchfest
Hi Erika, thank yo for the feedback! We will try to improve navigation for our fall event! :) ~Leslie
Thank you very much for offering this! It's so easy to participate in the event, and I appreciate the opportunity so much. Thank you to the agents and editors, too!
I registered for Spring Pitch Fest but didn’t participate because I just signed with the amazing Colleen Oefelein who liked my pitch at the Fall Pitch Fest!! Thanks to Savvy Authors, I am now agented. I highly recommend participating!!
SavvyAuthors Pitchfest
Woo Hoo!!!! thanks for letting us know and congratulations! :-D
A great opportunity to easily find agents and editors actively looking for manuscripts in my genre.
Very easy to navigate and the directions were clear, though the template never showed up on my replies. No problem, though; easy fix. Thank you!
Always fun to participate in a Pitchfest with Savvyauthors and I appreciate the opportunity to pitch my work to new agents and editors/publishers as well as the familiar ones from previous pitchfests. I have no suggestions for improvements.