5 W's of Conflict with Landra Graf

Pacing-Tension 5 W's of Conflict with Landra Graf

The structure of the workshop was excellent and so were Landra's helpful comments and guidance. It certainly helped me develop and shape my WIP.

My only critique is similar to the one I had when I took another workshop of SavvyAuthor - there is no sense of community. Perhaps it's the cumbersome way the comments and threads work- but there are hardly any multi-participant discussion or critique of one's work. Nor is it encouraged or expected.
This class breaks down conflict into manageable pieces. The assignments helped me get insight into the conflict of the various characters in my story. The feedback I received was very helpful. Landra is a great instructor.
Well done, Landra! This class was very informative. Landra did a great job explaining a difficult but crucial topic. I thought the breakdown of conflict into 5 "w's" to be very easy to swallow. Her homework and discussion topics were thought provoking and easily translated into my WIP. Thanks so much!