7th Annual SavvyAuthors WriterCon

Special Event 7th Annual SavvyAuthors WriterCon

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Business, Indie Publishing, Characters, Description/Setting, Editing, Dialog, Structure, Genre, Grammar, Marketing, Plotting, POV, Technology, Voice, Worldbuilding, Writer's Life, Pitch
Join us for workshops, webinars, chats, contests, and online pitch opportunities while you improve your writing skills!

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So helpful and easy to access. Thanks SavvyAuthors!
Excellent selection of agents and publishers. In depth mini workshops.
I didn't find the website for the webinar very user friendly. The one session I was able to connect with sent some very useful information. Unfortunately, there were several others I had interest in that I couldn't connect with. I hope to be more successful next year. Thank you, Savvy, so much for the conference.
This was my first time participating. While I enjoyed the information in the offered seminars and attended 2 of the live webinars, I enjoy an online conference more when the events are live videos and I don’t have to read lots of material. Still, I found it to be a good conference.
Another great WritersCon! I always look forward to September for this event. This year had a great split between creative/craft and the "business" side of writing, like queries and High Concept.

For me, a big draw is always Lori Wilde's workshops. I'd also hoped to be able to take advantage of the pitching opportunities but didn't make it this years. Next year! That's my goal.

I did miss having games/contests/giveaways this year. I think those are always a fun, quick way for people to show off some of their work and socialize a little more.

Looking forward to next year!

Thanks for another great event.
Dynamite information! The workshops were practical and relevant. The instructors were knowledgeable, helpful and generous with the lessons.
The information offered was wonderful, and helpful even though i have been writing for a number of years
This was my first online experience and the workshops were interesting. The first day, it was difficult to navigate around the website though--it kept kicking me out and I had to log in a bunch of times. I noticed that a lot of topics the moderators posted or a lot of the activities that were on there remained unused. Meaning nobody bothered to do the activities. I know that's not the website's fault, but maybe Savvy authors could make it easier to access and navigate the classes?
Thanks, Anais! I am sorry you had problems with the site. If you have any specifics you would like to share about what happened. I would love to hear it. We try to learn everything we can about how to make the site better. :)
It was ok. I did like the class about high concept. Also, the pitching was lack luster and following the agents on twitter I saw some of them posting issues about being able to use the interface. So not sure if they were busy or something wasn't working but it appears half didn't even stop in. And it's not about getting a response for me. I like to study what grabs them and see if I can tweak my own pitching. But agents who had 5 pages worth of pitches didn't even like one thing (nor mention anything on twitter) so almost feels like they didnt even stop in.
Hi Tanya. Glad you liked the classes. :) About the pitches, the agents and editors sometimes post in the comments for requests or clarifications and sometimes wait until all the pitches are in. We will publish all the requests in the SavvyAuthors Weekly News on Oct1 and also on the blog. Hope this helps!
I have never participated at Savvy authors. Calm and participated in the ditch fast and had four requests for materials for manuscripts so I'm thrilled I wouldn't change anything maybe and more agents and editors other than that I'm quite thrilled with what happened thank you for having pitchfest