Add Funny to Your Novels with Steve Shrott

Craft Add Funny to Your Novels with Steve Shrott

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Characters, Description/Setting, Editing, Dialog, Structure, Genre, Plotting, POV, Voice
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Do you want to write a funny novel or short story? Or perhaps you'd like to add humor to the book you've already written? If so, then this is the course for you. Areas covered, include:
  • The difference between funny and humorous.
  • What makes something fun to read.
  • The importance of character.
  • The three main places to use humor.
  • Specific techniques that will improve your ability to make your novel or short story
  • humorous.
  • Joke constructions and patterns...
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I take a lot of classes from Savvy Authors. This was by far the best. The information was novel, clearly thought-out, and entertaining. Steve offered the best feedback. When I told my CP that I was taking a class that taught you how to be funny, she said, "I didn't know there was a technique for that." Well, there is, and Steve has mastered it. Two thumbs up!