Build A Book THIS Summer with Brenda Chin

Craft Build A Book THIS Summer with Brenda Chin

Brenda went over every important aspect of writing a novel, from character development, conflict, arc, pacing and how to weave these together to tell a powerful story. My writing is better because of her.
This class was great! Ms. Chin's lectures provided a deep dive into Blake Snyder's beat-by-beat plotting technique, with detailed explanations and interesting examples. While focusing on story structure, the lectures also included material on writing point of view, developing interesting characters, and building multi-dimensional scenes. I highly recommend this class to anyone looking for a boost of writing incentive.
The lessons were comprehensive and included much-needed information. Ms Chin covered everything from plotting to fixing a sagging middle. It's the kind of material I'll review every time I hit a rough spot. Thanks so much for doing the heavy lifting.
The Build a Book class was very valuable in creating a novel roadmap for my next work. Brenda Chin's step-by-step lectures were clear and the examples and videos were helpful to see how the 3-act structure ties a story together.