Clues to Writing a Short Mystery with Kaye George

Genre Clues to Writing a Short Mystery with Kaye George

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  1. Structure
  2. Genre
  3. GMC
  4. Plotting
  5. Shorts/Novella
  6. Writer's Life
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Are you intimidated by the thought of writing a short story mystery? Even though you've already whipped out a novel or two, maybe even a series? Relax, it's not that hard.

There are a few basics that can help you understand the needs of the mystery short story: the pace and structure, the character requirements, and some tips on writing shorter. We'll demystify mystery short stories.

Five lessons:

1) Structure of a mystery story

2) Characters - number, how to introduce, how deep to go into the character

3) Descriptions - how detailed to get

4) Twists at the end

5) Definitions of the different lengths and how to write them
Kaye George
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Apr 13, 2020 at 9:00 AM
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