Contract Issues for Authors (Traditional Publishing) with Jacqueline Lipton

Webinar Contract Issues for Authors (Traditional Publishing) with Jacqueline Lipton

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If you’re contemplating the traditional publishing path (via an agent and established publishing house), you’re going to be signing contracts. Contracts with your agent will authorize her to represent you and attempt to sell your work, while contracts with your editor will involve licenses of your rights in return for compensation (advances and royalties). This webinar will explain the ins and outs of typical agent and publishing contract terms for those considering the traditional publishing path. Come along with all your questions and we’ll make sure we have time to answer them.

Webinar is scheduled to start at 9 p.m. EDT.
Topics include:
  • Contracts with agents—standard terms.
  • Contracts with publishing houses (licensing your rights, understanding your legal obligations).
  • Key terms to watch out for in agent and publishing contracts.
  • What you agent will (and won’t) do for you under your agency arrangement.
  • Agent’s contractual and fiduciary duties to you.
  • What happens when the agency relationship breaks down?
  • What happens when a publishing contract ends? Rights reversion and other questions.
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