Crafting a Page Turner with Steve Shrott

Pacing-Tension Crafting a Page Turner with Steve Shrott

Steve Shrott takes the craft of writing to another level. I've taken many courses on writing, but his extra insights and additional twists on the regular information about story structure make this class exceptional. I can now add realistic ways to improve my storylines and cohesive arcs from beginning to end. His focus on the Middle of the story as a pivotal key to propelling the storyline forward (as a contrast to many who suggest the middle is filler and often sags) strengthened my understanding of the various aspects of storytelling. This class has reinvigorated my hunger to tell a story and make it sizzle and sing.
Another excellent class from Steve Shrott. Using case studies to illustrate how various authors hooked the reader initially and kept his/her interest throughout was very helpful as were all the other examples from various genres. Steve's wonderful sense of humor made the learning process fun. And his feedback on assignments was invaluable. I recommend this class to anyone writing a novel. The information provided is helpful for writing short stories as well!