Diving 7-Miles Deep with Deep POV with Katie McCoach

Craft Diving 7-Miles Deep with Deep POV with Katie McCoach

7 miles Deep = 7 lessons and a multitude of revelations about my writing. The class was well-constructed and presented. Katie’s approach was consultative teaching, which, to some, might seem lacking in criticism. However, learning how to do what we do has more impact on our art than being scolded about what we did wrong without the tools to fix it. To reap the rewards of Deep POV, a writer must fully understand their character, inside and out. If they did not do exploration up front, it tripped up a few writers since for some that can take weeks, months, or years. This class has changed my writing in so many ways, I really enjoyed it.
I thought the material presented was excellent and I'll value the addition to my library of resources. It was well worth the fees. I think our expectations of feedback to each exercise could be made clearer. When Katie sent her message on May 5 exhorting us to complete and submit the lesson 3 homework it gave me the impression that would be the only session I could expect feedback. This caused me to relax in getting timely completion of the remaining exercises as I was quite busy myself. I wasn't particularly worried as my observation of Katie's feedback was it emphasized encouragement over critique, which is fine, we all need encouragement, but in my case, I was ok not having to stress on getting homework completed on time if I'm just missing some atta boys. They're nice but they don't really make me a better writer.