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Email Marketing Mini-Course: Creating Your First Book Funnel with Lisa London

New for 2018 Email Marketing Mini-Course: Creating Your First Book Funnel with Lisa London

New this year at SavvyAuthors!
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Business, Marketing
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[bcolor=#ffffff][bcolor=transparent]Did you know that book funnels can be used to:[/bcolor][/bcolor]
  • [bcolor=transparent][bcolor=transparent]Discover new readers[/bcolor][/bcolor]
  • [bcolor=transparent][bcolor=transparent]Retain & nurture current readers[/bcolor][/bcolor]
  • [bcolor=transparent][bcolor=transparent]Provide splinter offers to increase your revenue [and yes, I’ll explain what a splinter offer is in the course and how it can make up to 50% or more of your revenue][/bcolor][/bcolor]
  • [bcolor=transparent][bcolor=transparent]Manage your ARCs[/bcolor][/bcolor]
  • [bcolor=transparent][bcolor=transparent]Manage your Blog Tours[/bcolor][/bcolor]
  • [bcolor=transparent][bcolor=transparent]And more[/bcolor][/bcolor]
[bcolor=#ffffff][bcolor=transparent]You don’t need an MBA in Marketing [although, I do actually have one] to take advantage of book funnels and I’m going to show you how.[/bcolor][/bcolor]

[bcolor=#ffffff][bcolor=transparent]There’s a big misconception that you need a book series in order to run a book funnel. That is 100% not true. You can have standalone books and still do a funnel and I’ll show you how![/bcolor][/bcolor]
  • [bcolor=transparent][bcolor=transparent]Email Swipe File: You’ll get the complete funnel for my Erotica series + my non-fiction Fitness books[/bcolor][/bcolor]
  • [bcolor=transparent][bcolor=transparent]FREE Book: Email Marketing for Authors[/bcolor][/bcolor]
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