Enabling You to Write Disabled Characters with Emily Carrington

Craft Enabling You to Write Disabled Characters with Emily Carrington

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Have you ever wanted to write characters that are nothing like you? Are you intimidated by this idea but still feel your new character *must* be blind/deaf/have PTSD for the story to go forward in the best possible way? Join Emily Carrington for Creating Authentic Disabled Characters.
Week 1:

  • Basics about research, permission given, and the ableist culture
The Joys of Writing Disabled Characters
  • Language, Culture, and Prejudice
  • Exercise: List the disabilities that immediately come to mind and describe some of the research you’d have to do to make these characters authentic. Choose one disability; come up with three research resources and email them to me.
Why Bother?
  • New experiences for the author
  • New challenges for the characters to overcome
  • Education and entertainment for readers
What is Disability?
  • Definitions:
    • ADA
    • Dictionary Definition
    • SSA
  • Exercise: Why would you need to know what category your character falls into? List three reasons and email them to me.
Week 2:

Stereotypes: Helpful and Not So Much
  • Superhero versus supervictim
  • Exercise: Write a character description of a disabled character that paints them as an everyday person (or magical creature who’s not *exceptionally* super in any way)
Am I Allowed?
  • The best way to answer this question is with another question. Why wouldn’t you be allowed?
    • “because I’m not part of that community.”
    • “Because I don’t know anyone who’s disabled so I have no one to ask.”
    • “Because disability is like religion or race—a sensitive topic.”
    • “Because there’s no way to know everything about disability so I’ll always be a stranger in a strange land.”
    • “Because I’m (insert disability here). I’m not (insert different difference here).
  • Exercise: Pick a scenario from those listed below and a disability. See where your imagination leads you.
  • Scenario: woman/man on the run from ex-husband meets Mr. Right.
  • Scenario: Single parent meets child’s teacher; sparks fly.
  • Scenario: Character is a head hunter for a secret organization and a disabled applicant appears in the office.
  • Disabilities: blindness, deafness, arthritis, connective tissue disorder, cancer, chronic depression, autistic spectrum disorder
  • Lists of Resources
Emily Carrington
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