Finding Your Spot in the Writing Marketplace with Lisa Peck

Finding Your Spot in the Writing Marketplace with Lisa Peck

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Many writers and want-to-be writers are overwhelmed by the vast marketplace and wondering where the student fits.

The student will learn effective tools and skills to help them find where the participant belongs and keep them happily writing and moving forward toward the participants marketing goals.​
  • Set writing goals that support the author’s writing lifestyle and aspirations.​
  • Identify the difference between literary, upmarket, and genre literature.​
  • Determine where the writer’s work will fit, and define the common tropes in that genre.​
  • Assess the competition. Determine what writing and marketing techniques that are working.​
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Untangle the Maze: Start to Finish Plotting Basics - TBA
Lesson 1-New York Times: Here I Come: Honing Your Goals You will determine what your writing goals are and if you want to make a living with writing, go for the New York Times, or enjoy the process and just see your work in printed form.

Lesson 2-The Genre Maze: Literary? Commercial? Sci-Fi? Romance? You will start figuring out who you are as a writer as far as subject, style, and where you think you will fit in the whole realm of things.

Lesson 3-Genre Game You will play a game where the class members guess which genre the other participants are in. You will get clues as to what tropes are going to be used. Everyone will submit a paragraph to give clues to see if your peers place you in the same category as you did.

Lesson 4- Boost Your Writing Life In 90 Days Writers will build a 90-day plan on where they want to go with their writing and their goals in 90 days. What do you need to put in place? What do you need to write, and how do you plan on accomplishing it?

Lesson 5 - Genre Again! Dig Deeper You will be diving further into their market research. You will determine the pitfalls of the chosen genre, where you want to go and do deeper market analyses, not only in the publishing, but also on associations, and places that will best support you to hit your personal objectives.

Lesson 6 - Keep Your Dream When They Say No You will learn specific techniques and skills that you can use to defend against getting discouraged when, and if, rejection occurs. What can you do to keep the love of writing and not take the rejection personally?

Lesson 7 - Wrap Up
RJ Garside
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Feb 13, 2017 at 9:00 AM
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Mar 12, 2017 at 10:00 PM
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Feb 15, 2017 at 10:00 PM
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