From Rejection to Requests with Author Coach Jessica Reino

Webinar From Rejection to Requests with Author Coach Jessica Reino

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This webinar offers a look into the good things that can come out of receiving a rejection and how to turn that around into requests. We will go over common errors when submitting work, things to look at in regard to the query letter and the first ten pages, as well as evaluating a manuscript. Participants will also be invited to submit their first five pages for an evaluation.

Webinar begins at 9PM EST.
As writers, we often like to explore the negative space of our characters or their environment, which is exactly what we will be doing in this webinar. We will discuss common mistakes that writers make when submitting to agents or editors such as following guidelines, doing the appropriate research, and the importance of the first ten pages. We will talk about deciphering rejection language and applying editorial notes to a manuscript. We will discuss backstory/info-dumping, importance of narrative voice, pacing, tone, and knowing your genre. We will also talk about the difference in a query letter summary versus a synopsis. We will go over how to self-evaluate a manuscript and other options to consider like beta readers, critique groups, or freelance editors.
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