Getting started with Scrivener with Lisa London

Writing Life Getting started with Scrivener with Lisa London

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Getting started with Scrivener

This course will teach you how to use Scrivener to write your next novel. Please note that 1) Scrivener is a premium application [$45 one-time fee] and is not a free app and 2) This class will be taught using the latest Scrivener 3.0 version. Absolutely no tutorials or guidance will be given for older versions of Scrivener and 3) We will not be going over how to layout pictures books and 4) All tutorials will be taught using the Mac version of Scrivener which should be similar to the PC version but shortcuts will be different between the 2 versions.

  • Week 1: Understanding + Customizing Your Scrivener Workspace
  • Week 2: How To Outline Your Book In Scrivener
  • Week 3: How To Write Your Book In Scrivener
  • Week 4: How To Compile Your Book In Scrivener
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