Getting started with Vellum with Lisa London

Business Getting started with Vellum with Lisa London

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This course will teach you how to format your print and e-book for publication. Note: Vellum will only work on the MacOS 10.11 or newer operating system. In other words, you'll need an Apple desktop or laptop. It will not work on PCs, a tablet, an iPad, your smartphone or any other device. There is no workaround for this. Although Vellum is free to download and demo, Vellum is a premium fee-based application and you will NOT be able to follow along past week 1 without a paid subscription.

NOTE: All classes are taught via video lessons so if you prefer the more traditional text based lesson then this might not be the best course for you.
  • Week 1: Why Vellum is better than all of the others!
  • Week 2: Importing from Word or Scrivener into Vellum
  • Week 3: Choosing a Vellum Book Styles
  • Week 4: Exporting and Updating [hello, typos!]
Lisa Siefert
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