How Not To Lose The Plot with Lucy V Hay

Plot-Structure How Not To Lose The Plot with Lucy V Hay

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The aim of 'How Not To Lose The Plot' is to help demystify plotting and lay out the process in a straightforward, step-by-step way. This course is for writers who hate outlining or find structure/plotting difficult in general, or perhaps are attempting a novel for the first time. Some more experienced authors may like it as a ‘refresher’ and/or to help develop their outlining process to save time redrafting. Every author should leave the course with a strong idea of what their book is about plus how plotting and character are inextricably linked; plus a short pitch and 1-2 page outline to ensure their plot is ‘on target’ before they begin their draft or redraft.
Week 1 – Foundation Week

Class objective: identifying all the story 'ingredients'

• Idea in a nutshell: What is this book at foundation level? What do you want your story to ‘say’ to the reader? Why?

• Story Skeleton # 1: Beginning, middle, end. Which do you have/ what are you missing?

• Story Skeleton # 2: Who is your protagonist and what does s/he want? Why? Who is the antagonist and why does s/he want to stop your protagonist?

Week 2 – Back Story Week

Class Objective - understanding what's important to ensure we stay on target.

• Understanding exposition # 1: what it is and when you need it. Avoiding ‘info dumps’. How to plan your story and not go off at a tangent.

• Understanding exposition # 2: How to ‘hit the ground running’ – where to start your book. Why time/place is important. Multi strands, non linearity, ensembles.

• Understanding exposition # 3: All about set ups and pay offs. Making back story pull its weight in the *now* of the story.

Week 3 – Planning Week

This week, we bring it all together to create our short pitch and brief 1-2 page outline.

• Outline # 1, Character edition. Where do characters *start* and where do they end up? Why?

• Outline # 2, Plot Beats edition. What EVENTS happen in your story, in what order? How does this connect to character?

• Outline # 3: Theme edition. What does your story communicate to the reader now? Has it changed from what you first conceived? Why/why not? What have you lost/gained?
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