How to Write a Trope Driven Plot with Entangled Publishing's CEO and Publisher Liz Pelletier

Craft How to Write a Trope Driven Plot with Entangled Publishing's CEO and Publisher Liz Pelletier

The content was very good but the sound quality was poor. The crackles and pops drowned out words which made it difficult to understand Liz. She read excerpts very quickly and made reading mistakes which made comprehension more difficult. I had to rewind often to decipher what Liz said. As a result it took me 2.5 hours to complete the recording. Suggest to Liz that she reads less quickly and more clearly in future.
I ended up joining in an hour late as I got the time zones wrong. But from what I was able to hear Liz gave great examples of troupes. I enjoyed the Q&A at the end.
Excellent! Liz very generously shared her checklist of the highlights in structure that she looks for in a submission. Loved her shortened version of Save the Cat beat sheet and how she uses a visual W to plot these points. And I took lots of screenshots, which was a wonderful feature to have on the tool she used. Also enjoyed hearing the examples of these plot points from two new books she recommends, one by Amy Andrews and the other by Kira Archer. Lots of great information that I think I can use to write faster and better including fixes in the heart or pulse of the story when something feels missing. Well worth the price. Will take more from Liz. Thank you.
It was a very informative webinar. I recommend it for writers of romance.
Excellent presentation, easy-to-understand graphs and plenty of note-taking! Definitely kicking my writing craft up a notch! :)
I found the webinar very informative and interesting. the high concept portion reminded me of a class I took some time ago with Lori Wilde. I'm certainly going to approach writing category from this viewpoint.
Information was well prepared. I gained new insights on the use of tropes. Presenter was generous answering/commenting on story ideas after the end of webinar.
Great webinar! A pdf handout of her version of Save the Cat plotting structure would be helpful.