It's All About Characters with Beth Daniels

It's All About Characters with Beth Daniels

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Characters, Editing, POV, Voice, Worldbuilding
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The best stories, no matter what genre or niche you write in (and that includes literary), are grounded in the characters. Oddly enough this is one of the few views espoused by college professors that I actually agree with. Having characters from which the story springs improves a tale across the fiction writing universe, not just in tales labeled “literary”.

After all, even if there is a mystery to be solved, folks to be rescued or protected, treasure to be searched out, a villain to be overcome, or love to be found, it is your character or characters who need to do the work.

They need to be prepared for the job. You need to build them to fit the requirements.

And those requirements aren’t just for insuring that they save the day, they are about the things that haunt them, color the choices they make or stand off from making based on past experiences.
This is about portraying characters as though they are real people with real problems, foibles, hopes and dreams.

The plus is, if characters are well-rounded, well-constructed, the story of this next junction in their lives will in many ways write itself. In IT’S ALL ABOUT THE CHARACTERS, we’ll go beyond the physical description to the person your hero, heroine, villain, best bud, BFF – any character having a large enough part in the scenario to play out that what they do or say could affect the outcome of the plot – and turn these folks into viable people.

And we’ll do it all in 4 weeks. Pantsers as well as Plotters welcome!
Beth Daniels
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Jun 12, 2017 at 9:00 AM
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I liked that the lessons provided real-world/real-story examples of how to create and develop characters. The lessons were written in a conversational manner that was easy to understand.