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Great material and June gave clear and actionable feedback. She helped with how to apply the lessons and I highly recommend her. I have taken several classes from her over the years and she consistently provides a quality experience. Thank you!
Really helpful and thought provoking. I enjoyed it. Full of information and June gave me good feedback.
Great class! Deb was very knowledgeable in her topic and took the time to thoroughly answer all my questions in depth.
I received a number of requests from the event. The addition of "currently looking for" was a great idea. I would, however, like an explanation of my achievements that appear in my profile. Otherwise, I'm looking forward to hearing good news and the Sweetheart session next year. Thanks for doing this.
Savvy Authors Pitchfest offered writers a straightforward platform for pitching agents and editors/publishers. The turnaround from posting the pitch to receiving information about interest was within 2 weeks.
I have loved being able to pitch to agents and editors that are accepting manuscripts directly. The "currently looking for" tags were extraordinarily beneficial and avoided over-pitching. Thank you for this opportunity.

I look forward to the next Pitchfest. Hoping I hear good news this week.
Great event. Thanks so much for the opportunity to pitch. Maybe when Sweetheart Pitch comes around, I'll have a polished NaNo project to submit. Good luck out there my fellow writers!
Excellent class, easy to follow, lots of helpful info. Perfect timing for NaNoWriMo.
Thank you, Ines!!!
Good lecture info if you're new to creating pitches. Angela has a great eye for pitches. She is thorough, very generous with her time, and offers great feedback.