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Lots of helpful ideas (definitely out of the box) that got my creativity for marketing and promotion ramped up. Great class!
I'm not a plotter by nature, but Catherine's class gave me the tools I need and showed me a way to focus on my story without having to have millions of outlined detail. For anyone that wants to focus their story but doesn't want to plan out every little detail ahead of time...this is the class for you!
Author/instructor Beth Daniels brought a great wealth of experience, enthusiasm and humor in teaching this workshop. Her lectures were thorough and detailed, with many specific examples. She thoroughly answered all questions with up-to-date research. Based on our questions, she tailored the lectures to include all genres we inquired about. As a novice, unpublished writer, I found Beth's lectures to be clear and not overwhelming. Her challenges were especially helpful to get me thinking, writing and staying engaged in the course. Her dedication to the course was clear, and her witty comments added to the fun. I read one of her hilarious novels during the course, which was a great example of what we were learning.
Excellent workshop. Kris was very informative and her lessons were on target. Lots to take in and apply...would have been helpful to have more time between lessons, but would definitely recommend!
Catherine provided a great deal of information. I learned so much from this class. I highly recommend it.
Highly useful class on back story from this author/editor. I learned so much to move my MC forward without the dreaded "info dumps." Respective and insightful comments can benefit both newbies and those further along their writing journey. Highly recommended, and not just for back story issues.
I agree with Jan, I enjoyed the class and the exchanges that I did receive, but there wasn't enough time to interact with everyone (as a couple of my potential partners couldn't get back to me due to work/life issues). Thanks though and I would be interested again if you do it in the summer.
This was a good class, but I don't feel like I walked away with a critique partner. I think there could have been more communication between the critiquers and that might have helped. I enjoyed the pieces I critiqued.
A number of good strategies and plenty of examples. Need time however to think about them, assimilate and apply. Perhaps more days between one lesson and another would help.
This is my first class with and I found it very useful and informative. I was impressed with the in depth ideas and useful feedback from Kris the instructor. Good job
Excellent information, fabulous feedback, this series is invaluable into the mindset of a traditional publisher to teach how to edit like all the big deals.
This class was informative and helpful. My one pie-in-the-sky wish: This would ask a lot of the teacher, but - I'd like to be able to send in more/longer excerpts for insights on how the paing could be picked up.
I signed on for 3 classes, but couldn't take one (Branding for Beginners) because of conflicting times/work. Since I still have access to it, I plan to complete it in the next 3 weeks.

The Press Kits class was amazing and covered a lot of territory I'd never thought of. It's already coming handy because my 1st novel is releasing in August! I don't know how many signed up for the class, but I wish there had been a little more interaction with other attendees (which is not something the instructor can control).

I can't recall the title of the 3rd class, but the introductory lesson was full of random "rules of writing" (no adverbs, etc), which are really just style choices. Since that read like a diatribe and had nothing to do with the subject of the class, I was immediately turned off and went no further with it. I'm not up for someone who wants to criticize anyone else's style based on a bunch of made-up "rules".

So: 1 incomplete (3 stars seems only fair)
1 fantastic! (5 stars here)
1 are you kidding me??? (1 star)

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