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I was so excited to see this mini-intensive when I registered for classes for SavvyWriterCon. We live in a world with diverse individuals and some of those people live with disabilities, but they are book lovers just like the rest of us. I appreciated the content presented and walked away with new tools to help myself as an author and an author PA.
Great mini-intensive. Clear information that I could apply to my writing craft right away. I also appreciated the level of attentiveness and response in discussions from Stephanie- our instructor. I learned a lot about how to apply slow-motion to my writing and definitely plan to utilize what was shared during the class.
For me, the information and examples shared in the lectures were enlightening and thought-provoking. Glad I attended and would take another class with Becky any time.
Missa Pelletier class was amazing! Talking about the tropes and how important they were for your writing was again just amazing. Loved the class.
In two hours we had a master's class on writing. Very informative to see how the tropes, beats and high concept all worked together. I'll definitely take this webinar again.
Miss Pelletier explained the important beats vital to a trope driven plot. How wonderful that she took suggestions from students and created a synopsis step-by-step. Really wasn't expecting to see the magic. All said and done, it was a fantastic way to spend the evening with an expert, fellow writers and learn more about our craft. Thank you for offering this lesson!
The most helpful class I've taken so far. While the information was fairly basic, it was a good reminder to use pacing in conjunction with POV to bring your reader into the story. The examples given were helpful and Stephanie answered everyone's questions promptly and thoughtfully.
Mr. Shrott provided great examples to make his points, made suggestions and answered our questions quickly. I'll definitely look for more of his classes. Thanks for offering this class!
Ms. Drake shared actionable tips that I've studied and hope to put into use soon. I also really enjoyed her conversational tone. Thanks for offering this class!
Ms. Roth shared actionable tips that addressed everything from procrastination to progress. She also quickly answered questions. Thanks for offering this class!
A lot of good information to unpack and chew on. Probably will take me a while and then I won't be able to ask questions.

I do agree with another student that it would have been helpful if we knew ahead of time to have loglines ready to post. With all the issues just getting into the class (Saturday lockout), I never got to post. :-(
I found this class to be very useful and I enjoyed the presentation. I like the way she has set up the class.
This was a great class. I very much enjoyed it and I like the way we laid out the information. I found that information most useful.
very good class. I enjoyed it immensely and came away with some very good info to make that determination.
I admit the social media thing makes me cringe but the instructor was very good at explaining and I came out with some much needed information
I found this a very useful class and was able to take away a number of good suggestions. I could tell a lot of work and care went into the class.
I very much enjoyed this class and could see that the lesson plans were thoughtfully and carefully planned out.
It seemed to be a well thought out class and easy to follow. The teacher was very good at getting her point across.
I very much enjoyed this class. I received a lot of very useful information. I thought the lesson were clear and well thought out and laid out.
This workshop was definitely eye-opening. I had quite a bit of trouble with techy computer stuff, but that's pretty typical for me. I struggled through and learned a whole bunch. Leslie was very patient and helpful thoughout the entire session. I'm hoping to put into practice some of the things I learned. Thanks for a great workshop.