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I took the time to work through ALL the lessons of this "Mini-Intensive" before leaving my instructor review - and the upfront thing to say is:

Terri did NOT deliver a "Mini-Intensive" - she delivered a FULL course of 11 lessons in basic marketing.
Author - centered marketing btw.

This in itself is enough to be grateful for, but there is even more to come ...

At first glance, the included information seems to be basic (and eventually well-known), so you might be inclined to skip reading carefully - my advice: don't do that.

I often found some real nuggets strewn in between - witnesses of Terri's huge pool of experience that really helped me to understand some generic concepts much better than before.
e.g. Terri's approach on how to write a blurb and what to include is not only simple but also clear as glass and very easy to grasp.

Astonishing, since I've not only read several "how to write sizzling/dazzling/enticing blurbs" books but also took the one or the other course in copy writing.

Self-initiative and the ability to self-motivate will be helpful and probably necessary to work yourself through some seemingly lengths of this course, but don't we authors need those anyway?

I got my investment in time and effort tenfold back!

Thanks, Terri :)
Interesting and enjoyable. The part about how each person in his family walks down the stairs a different way was a good example of characterization.
Awesome class. Lots of helpful tips and encouragement. Andrea is a very supportive and knowledgeable instructor; someone to definitely have in your corner.
This class was very positive and inspiring to keep pushing me forward. The instructor offered great encouragement and advice for staying on track and being mindful of goals. Very beneficial for writers at any stage of their career.
Angela Knight always has the best webinars! Full of excellent information for every level of writer.
Great insights into how to fix a query! You just see that Patrick knows his stuff. Thanks for this intensive!
Andrea is a wonderful teacher. She has deep knowledge that she shares freely and with a quick turnaround. On top of the course material she offered individual support and I went from complete ignorance about author taglines to creating one in three days. I highly recommend her courses! Thank you very much, Andrea. It was an absolute pleasure.
Patrick is friendly and informative. I learned a lot and hope the lessons will create a positive query experience, especially since I haven't had one yet. I'm giving 4 stars only because it was not my definition of intensive as advertised. Otherwise, this is a great class with a lot of info.
Andrea inspired me to look at what I write for the author tag line. I dug into my brain and came up with an idea that wasn't bad and Andrea's suggestion of refining the sentences made it better.
Before the first lesson, I thought it was impossible. I am pleased with the result after the third lesson. Huge thanks Andrea.
I had a hard time dealing with the slooow delivery. It was like there wasn't that much to say, but by god she was going to turn it into 6 videos. I also felt there were a lot of words, but nothing was really explained.
So much information about small presses, what to look for, how to avoid a bad small press, and the realities of what you’ll still have to do as an author working with a small press (as well as with some of the “Big 4”).
Great information, answered all my questions, plus gave great resources to seek out.
Robin's expertise AND her enthusiasm had even this old bird downloading the TikTok app afterwards. I've got a ways to go learning how to use it, studying how other authors use it, and venturing to make my (gulp) first tiktok video... but Robin convinced me to try!
Great information! Gave me new things to work with showing personality in my characters and getting a better handle on voice. :-)
I learned a lot of useful tips for using Tic Tok to engage with potential readers. Thanks!
This was a great introductory webinar, specially for those who just started or have not started yet. I have been using TikTok for several months now, so a lot of it was familiar to me. I would love to have companion webinars with more advanced features. Perhaps an intermediate one with an overview of some of their filters, and suggestions/demonstrations of other apps that can be used to edit videos, etc. And an advanced webinar going deep into content, resources, marketing, trends, etc.
This was soooo much valuable information and actual, concrete steps for indie/self-publishing. The Presenter (L Ryan Storm) gave us her experience, the benefit of her learning from past mistakes, and her industry knowledge. I signed up to watch but ended up taking copious notes.
Wow! I almost skipped this class because I didn't think I'd want to do videos. The info was so interesting and well presented - an hour after class I signed up for TikTok and posted my first video! What fun! Thanks to Robin Jeffrey for such a great class!
Great information and engaging presenter! Have a lot of info in a short amount of time.
This workshop was jam packed with great tips. I loved it and would definitely recommend it to any writer at any stage in their career.