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This has been the most helpful Savvy class I've taken, and I've taken LOTS of them. Even as the class started I was still struggling as to which opening to use but Laura guided me by asking questions a reader might have so that I could make things clearer without an info dump. I'm really excited about taking what I've learned as I re-write chapter two and beyond. Thank you Laura!
I was quite disappointed in this class.
I didn't feel we were given what was promised which was feedback regarding our pages from a group. I did not expect the instructor to take it upon herself to edit my work, her comments felt nitpicky and she completely ignored the last two pages.
There was barely any feedback from other participants. There were maybe three people in the class? Maybe it should have been canceled, due to low registration, since I assumed that was part of the deal, hearing other people's opinions.
I didn't feel that this course was worth the time or money.
Love the lessons and the examples. Very informative and easy to translate to my own work. Angela is a very hands-on instructor
Excellent class! I fell behind and just finished the lessons. They were packed with helpful, easy-to-follow information.
This was a really practical class with specific advice to implement (which I always appreciate). It led me to see how I could really strengthen my opening pages. Plus the feedback from Fleur was really helpful -- great value!
Becky Martinez class gave me tools I could use for crafting characters. I found out many qualities regarding my character that I didn't know prior to this class. She provided excellent and encouraging feedback. I will definitely take more classes Becky teaches.

Really enjoyed this class on world-building - brief and actionable tips (I hate wading through tons and tons of content)
I enjoyed being accountable with word count and I appreciated all of RJ's bountiful effort and enthusiasm. It would be good for the sprints to have emails sent out saying: We're sprinting in an hour. Also, as I'm in a different time zone, it would be good to vary the times for the writing sprints. Maybe, during bootcamp we could be "matched" with similar genre partners and encourage each other to reach our goals.
RJ Garside
RJ Garside
Thanks, Bella! Great feedback! We will definitely look to offer more sprints in different time zones and send out announcement emails. Happy writing!
Wow, what amazing course! It exceeded all my expectations. I learned so much from the lessons and I was beyond grateful for the individual feedback and generous, swift communication. So sad the class is ending...
Thrilled with this class! Angela gave so much information and I'm able to use it right away as I'm working on a first draft. Thank you!
Great information! I learned so much. Always enjoy Angela's classes because she always shares a lot of information, and responds to questions.
Social media for authors is so different from keeping up with friends. This was a great class, Ines presented the material so well.