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If you need to gain a working knowledge of GMC (Growth-Motivation-Conflict) for your Romance novel or to add a romance thread into you Mystery or Thriller, TAKE THIS CLASS! In less skilled hands, this content may become unmanageable for the average writer to learn. Robyn Dehart does not let that happen to her students. DeHart uses detailed lectures and interactive homework assignments to layout the basics and beyond. Her personable style of writing informs her lectures. She sticks with you using guided feedback on the homework tasks until you get it. I will continue to refer to the resources she provided to craft the GMC in every story I create. Thanks, Robyn!
This class offered some useful information but I was hoping for more assistance on plot and creating a retelling. The description stated that the goal of this course is to give students a rough outline for a retelling of their own, but that was never the focus, or maybe the information was broad but we weren't given smaller steps to write the outline. Students were left to do that on their own. I was looking for a little more practical "how to." Don't get me wrong, there were definitely some great tips. I appreciated the cautions in doing retellings and the reminder to be culturally sensitive. I also liked the lesson on using as much detail as possible in the story to make it real.
The instructor is excellent. Breaks down formula/patterns to humor, gives great examples and assignments and valuable personal assignment feedback. I didn't think I was capable of much humor, but now I see where I can use humor in anything and everything I write, even though mostly it's serious or dark. Well placed humorous lines can enhance even dark, creepy, suspenseful scenes. I wasn't sure if I should have taken the class, but I am pleased and happy that I did. I recommend this instructor. His notes, insights and feedback are invaluable.
He gives great examples of various types of humor and breaks things down into bite size portions that are easy to digest. He also gives excellent feedback on the homework and helps you with your attempts at humor.
This course provides general information about fighting (which I was totally clueless about and needed to learn the basics) and also discusses the craft of writing fight scenes in realistic and engaging ways. Highly recommended.
I went from one character and a desire to write a book about that character to a full blown, planned out plot, ready to sit down and write the book. Great class! Thanks, Becky.
Wonderful class, as Traci's always are. She reads
your work carefully and offers useful advice and help
on how you can improve. She's always encouraging.
I look forward to taking another class from her.
This class was fantastic! Beth was absolutely willing to work with the ideas we presented and helped me take mine from a collection of story ideas to a real series that I'm looking forward to writing.
This is a good class. Becky shared important information in her lectures, and she gave us all individual feedback three times.
I really enjoyed this class! Very informative and laid out in a very concise and easily absorbed manner.
This was an excellent class, as was LC Hayden's previous ones. Her notes are informative, systematic and organized, allowing one to comprehend the genre and rules to create such a story/novel. Her methods build a strong fountain to create an amazing story, with no flaws or missing components. I highly recommend this class and the instructors other classes. Thank you so much!