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The lessons and homework assignment feedback were invaluable and useful to boost one's confidence and chance of success when submitting to an editor or author. I'm pleased I took this class and recommend it.
The class was well structured and informative. I liked the format and the exercises were very helpful. I would definitely recommend the class to anyone who's looking to polish up their first five pages!
Fleur provides great feedback and took time to answer all questions. The exercises in the class helped me learn how to strengthen the first five pages in my manuscript.
Fleur Bradley is AWESOME! Her suggestion inspired me to change several beloved scenes. A better story came out and with it a perfect 5 pages and query all set for when the WIP is finished.
I LOOOOVE the scenes I wrote for the 18-month-old child. They are my favorite now.
This is based on material I received later. I think the lecture had a very interesting perspective. However, I had trouble connecting because it wanted a different browser than I normally use, and the sound was so bad I quit almost immediately. A specific browser could be suggested (it may have been, I just saw the link and clicked it). I don't know what can be done to improve the garbled sound.
Hi Yves, we are really sorry for the technical problems. Super frustrating all around since our amazing moderator Sahara had a test session with Hank earlier in the day and all was perfect! Ah technology! Please do check out the clean recording! Best
The audio was awful, and it was hard to follow, but beyond that, there wasn't enough depth or specifics for me. Being shown examples from literature might have made stronger points. I was unconvinced that each character should only evoke one emotion for the entire novel.
Hi Hollie, we are truly sorry for the technical issues. We actually did test it! Our amazing moderator, Sahara, had a session with Hank earlier in the morning and as fate would have it, everything was perfect! We know this was frustrating for all. Sometimes the Gods of the internet are not happy. Please do come back and check out the clean recording! Best, Leslie
In addition to sound problems, the presenter seemed a bit scattered in his presentation.
Hi Joan, Thanks for your comment. We apologize for the technical difficulties. We will have a clean recording available later this week. Thanks for attending. ~ RJ
Very good show! Informative & entertaining... (And as I've communicated to both Mr. Quense and your team, the audio and/or video might be tested prior to the seminar for full enjoyment by all -- is all!)

Thanks again and look forward to more!

Best of Regards, Be Safe & Well,

Hi B, thanks for attending. We actually did test it! Our amazing moderator, Sahara, had a session with Hank earlier in the morning and as fate would have it, everything was perfect! We know this was frustrating for all. Sometimes the Gods of the internet are not happy. Please do come back and check out the clean recording! Best, Leslie
Peter was very responsive and helpful. The materials and instruction for the course were very helpful and I was able to apply the lessons to my work. Thank you!, Peter
For the first time I have been able to go beyond a couple of rambling scenes. I was a pantster who would run out of steam. Peter quickly sussed my writing level and gave encouraging feedback focussed on basics I could achieve. The clearly structured course gave me a framework to work within and still provided enough space to move forward with my story. My only regret was low enrollment so learning from other participants was limited. I plan to take more classes with Peter @savvyauthors and can definitely recommend the course even for beginners in novel writing.
I love the structure of the class and all the information Dawn gave. I wasn't able to participate during the class but I plan to use all the lessons now. I love the idea of doing a scene a day.

I am looking forward to seeing what other classes Dawn will have.

Thank you for this amazing workshop!
Kris really knows her stuff! There is so much information in this class. I not only learned a lot for the book I'm working on, but I know this is goig to help me in the future.
Excellent, useful material that every writer can use as reference. Knowledgeable instructor, published author, who gave helpful comments and answered all questions thoroughly.
The second homework was constructive in pointing out a plot hole. Lecture 3 and 4 were interesting. May have to look at this aspect some more to better understand it, but I found the lectures interesting.
There are other classes that look interesting.
This was a great class. Kris is very knowledgeable, answered questions thoroughly and promptly, and really broke down the material into understandable sections.
This is my second SavvyAuthors class, but definitely my favorite so far. Kris was detailed in the lecture lessons and the homework really made you think about your book. I really enjoyed it and would absolutely consider taking more courses with this instructor!
The information very helpful and hands on. The class covered many areas with examples to help you visualize the explanations.
I was struggling plotting turning points but this course saved me. I was thinking mostly of plot, not emotional internal transformation. These lessons take you by the hand through the story arc and explains the plot points. Now, I'm going to ho back to my WIP and refocus my plotting which will strengthen the wip as I continue to write it.
I'm do glad I took this course. The instructor is excellent. There is ample time for questions with thorough and useful instructor answers. Thank you.
The writing tools provided in this class were so on point and informative! The lectures and homework allowed me new insight into my work in progress and generated ideas I eagerly incorporated into my work. It was a unique and invigorating writing experience. I very much look forward to taking another of her courses.
Traci is a wonderful instructor and gives lots of hands on attention. One of the best parts about this class are the weekly group calls. It's like a great big brainstorming session! This class has helped me tremendously and I highly recommend it!