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I found the course very helpful. June offered a lot of insight and helped me to think about my characters in new and different ways.
I found this course ( Writing the Emotional Journey) very helpful in giving more depth to the characters and keeping emotions front and centre throughout the story rather than just at major plot points.

Her insightful comments and questions about how my characters were feeling at the weak point of the story got me unstuck! I’d been unable to fix the wimpy act 3 for so long I’d become bored of it and ready to give up on it. So a big thanks to June because I now have a satisfactory ending to my story.

I also liked the fact that the exercises give you the chance to use a story you know and your own writing to apply her input. Unfortunately because I had too much going on outside the course, I just did the exercises to improve this one particular story I’d been stuck on.

June refers to the Hero’s Journey structure as a basis for the course. I am familiar with it but did not feel my story fit that format. Nevertheless, I could still weave her input on mood, setting, weather, etc to build emotions for the reader. I also really appreciate the list of everything we can use to give a story more depth and emotion as a reminder. I will be printing it out and keeping it handy.
Steve’s input, like his feedback, is clear, relevant with a touch of humour and sized to the requirements of the assignments and the skills of the writer.

All his assignments give me a chance to learn even if I haven't written a novel or even a half a novel. Although you do get a chance to refer to your own writing.

Even more important is that reading the assignment encouraged me to write. I knew I could accomplish something and actually completed every single exercise. (a rare occurrence)

His course “Pace & Tension” is a game changer for the certified pantster in me. I experienced first hand how a strong logline *before* writing, sparks off ideas for spicy plot points that in turn get my creative juices flowing for all the good stuff in between.
This is my second class with Steve. It won't be my last. Great class material. I'm overwhelmed with a work project and didn't get to participate in the last couple of lessons but still learned from the lectures, class interaction, and the fantastic feedback he always provides to everyone. His thorough feedback alone enhances the class experience beyond five stars. Steve is an excellent instructor and I recommend him to everyone.
I discovered something new - Magical Realism is NOT what I thought it was. I thought it was the kind of magic in Latin American stories by, say, Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Maria Aranas, Paulo Coelho, Julia Alvarez, etc., but it also includes stories with non-human "creatures" such as witches and fairies. I love the first category and not so much the second . . . I was looking for info on how to incorporate imagery based on the first, but this course wasn't about that so I was disappointed.
Steve is positive and energetic and welcoming...a really good teacher! And I loved the readings, the examples he gave and the assignments. They boiled down the most salient features of novel writing into 6 succinct parts that will serve as a great guide for structuring novels. The only think I would suggest to improve the class to make the class the same number of lectures/assignments but spread them out a bit over 3 weeks instead of 2 weeks...or even 4 weeks. I didn't have time to do all the assignments so I missed getting the feedback which I saw for others was excellent. Also, once I got into my plot points for my own novel, I felt the urge to continue on with my own novel to devise plot points 2 and 3 for the rest of my novel, rather than using his examples, although I could see why he chose to do that. I'm sure he (being such an open person) would have given me comments on my own novel's work in progress, but I didn't have time to work up those last few assignments. But, all in all, great course....and thank you for the opportunity to provide feedback.
Steve went out of his way to answer everyone's questions. Also, he helped me to understand the full value of a longline.
The graphic examples were amazing! Now, I know what emails/newsletters should look like.
7 miles Deep = 7 lessons and a multitude of revelations about my writing. The class was well-constructed and presented. Katie’s approach was consultative teaching, which, to some, might seem lacking in criticism. However, learning how to do what we do has more impact on our art than being scolded about what we did wrong without the tools to fix it. To reap the rewards of Deep POV, a writer must fully understand their character, inside and out. If they did not do exploration up front, it tripped up a few writers since for some that can take weeks, months, or years. This class has changed my writing in so many ways, I really enjoyed it.