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  1. Structure
  2. POV
  3. Voice
  4. Worldbuilding
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Once you have a plot and characters you should be all set to write that next best seller, right? Wrong! A boring beginning or a flat ending can leave your readers throwing the book at the wall or eager to write up a nasty review. Writing a book that can have readers eagerly awaiting your next project should be your goal and there are certain things you need to know to make your story come alive on the pages.

In this class we’ll look at how to turn your character charts and plotting plans into an actual book composed of scenes, chapters and pages. We’ll pay special attention to writing openings that grab the reader and introducing your characters and their problems. We’ll touch on writing dialogue that sparkles and settings that are more than laundry lists. We’ll look at ways to make your characters come alive without getting bogged down in back story.

Learn about how to fight that sagging middle and how to keep the pace going from bang up beginnings to the exciting ending. From the opening scene, we’ll look at how to make your characters grow and bring about the ending that will have readers putting your book down with a sigh and looking forward to your next story.
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Let’s Write a Story with Becky Martinez
Becky Martinez
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