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Novel Writing 101: Getting it Done with Terri Main

New for 2018 Novel Writing 101: Getting it Done with Terri Main

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Writer's Life
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You have your novel planned. You have the characters developed so completely you expect to see them walking down the street. You have the plot all worked out. You go to sleep and dream you are in that world you created. There’s only one problem. How do you go from a plan to a novel?

This is something frequently overlooked by writing courses. So, this class will deal with the nitty gritty work of actually writing the novel. We will dig into some of the basics of creating a writing plan, dealing with the realities of life, setting up your workspace, creating a writing discipline and more.

Topics include:

· An Overview of the Writing Process
· Pre-Writing
· Your writing environment
· The Ten-Minute-A-Day club
· Creating a realistic writing schedule
· Time Management for writers
· Caging your inner editor: Learning to write fast and dirty and not mind if you do.
· Some writing tools.
· Dealing with Writer’s Block
· Playing to your strengths
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