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Novel Writing 101 : Populating your Story with Terri Main

New for 2018 Novel Writing 101 : Populating your Story with Terri Main

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Characters, Dialog, POV, Voice, Worldbuilding
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Creating three-dimensional characters that become real for your reader.

The simple definition of a story is someone faces a problem somewhere and must attempt to solve it somehow. Whether you emphasize what a character does or you emphasize how she or he develops, it still begins with a person. The choices your characters make drive the plot. If you try to push a plot forward without considering the type of people who are taking those actions will result in the action feeling forced and unrealistic.
In this course, you will learn how to create believable characters. Topics include:

· The function of character in fiction
· Character Backstory
· Interaction between appearance and personality
· Mannerisms
· Character demographics
· Cultural Influences
· Goal Driven Character Development
· Motivations: Needs, Fears, and Desires
· Relationship Dynamics
· Attitude
This course will include homework exercises. You will receive feedback from your instructor on each assignment.
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