Plot Your Novel with The Plotting Circle with Becky Martinez

Plot-Structure-GMC Plot Your Novel with The Plotting Circle with Becky Martinez

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Whatever type of book you are writing – fiction or non-fiction -- the Plotting Circle can help get your story in order. Developed by two longtime fiction and non-fiction writers, it has served them both well in all their plotting endeavors. Learn how you can use 12 easy steps to tell your story in a logical, involving and interesting fashion.

The Plotting Circle helps to develop a logical plan beginning with an opening that catches the readers’ attention, then sets the story in motion and moves through the middle in a meaningful way to an ending that leaves the reader satisfied. It lets you organize your ideas into a logical order that is simple to follow whenever you sit down to plan a book using all the elements of good storytelling.

Learn how to:
  • get your stories off to a quick start
  • follow a logical path through the trials and triumphs of characters
  • allow your story to progress in an engaging fashion
  • keep the plot moving forward to avoid a sagging middle
  • reach a satisfying ending.

Following and mastering the 12-step Plotting Circle can help you whenever you sit down to plan and then write your story, whether it is fiction or non-fiction.
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