Plot your Success in 2018 - Goals and Planning!

Special Event Plot your Success in 2018 - Goals and Planning!

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Whether you’ve just started writing or you’re a seasoned pro, if you’d like to be a more productive writer, join us for this workshop where we will help you create clear goals for your writing career. You’ll learn why starting with your big picture aspirations is so important, and then we’ll guide you through breaking those big goals down into a daily routine. We’ll also share some of our favorite tools to help keep you organized and focused along the way.

Join Leslie Dow & the Savvy Crew as they help you navigate the world of goal setting and year-beginning planning and our new Accountability Track to keep you on the straight and narrow all 2018!
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Check out what the 2017 class had to say about this great event!
Ann Swank
Loved the instructors! I am planning my goals for 2017 based on the information I received in this group. I would love to participate in more Bootcamps!

Diane Burton
Very helpful suggestions, esp. for a seat-of-the-pants writer.

Lisa Seplak
Great workshop. Now I have the tools, ideas and inspiration to plot and achieve my goals in 2017. Riley and Jamie were awesome!

Maureen Bonatch
I enjoyed the class. I didn't realize most of the discussion would be about planners, although that makes sense. Thank you!

Lynn Balabanos
This was a great workshop with lots of ideas on how to focus on your goals and figure out what works best for you to get them done. I really loved it.

Riley and Jamie were the best on goal setting. Great information on various ways to manage the writing process. Terrific guidance. Awesome feedback and suggestions.
Start date
Dec 4, 2017 at 9:00 AM
End date
Dec 15, 2017 at 6:00 PM
Registration end date
Dec 6, 2017 at 6:00 PM
4.35 star(s) 26 ratings

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Latest reviews

I really appreciated this free course, and received plenty of helpful information, as well as useful networking with like-minded individuals. It was helpful to break into smaller groups, because the forum volumes were a bit overwhelming at first.
Material shared was of solid value. Group interaction was good with positive connections made. The concept of the accountability going forward is excellent.
Great experience to help you get self-directed with realistic goal setting based on the experience of other authors and instructors. The team concept was exactly what I needed.
Loved the information given and the feed back. I feel this class will really help me in the future.
Lots of great info and encouragement. I have my goals for 2018 planned and am ready to start a great new year! Thank you!