Redeeming Your Antagonist with Nancy Brophy

New for 2017 Redeeming Your Antagonist with Nancy Brophy

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Characters, Structure, GMC, Plotting, POV
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[bcolor=transparent]When your antagonists states, "I am the mistress of all evil." Can she/he be redeemed to become the hero/heroine in the next book?[/bcolor]

[bcolor=transparent]The answer is yes. This workshop will show how to use POV, motivation, back story, and character development to create a sympathetic, yet believable character through either a second chance or a retelling of the same story from a fresh perspective.[/bcolor]
[bcolor=transparent]1)[/bcolor] [bcolor=transparent]Story Arc discussion:[/bcolor]
[bcolor=transparent]a.[/bcolor] [bcolor=transparent]External verses Internal[/bcolor]
[bcolor=transparent]b.[/bcolor] [bcolor=transparent]Call to Adventure and refusal of the call[/bcolor]
[bcolor=transparent]c.[/bcolor] [bcolor=transparent]Turning points[/bcolor]
[bcolor=transparent]d.[/bcolor] [bcolor=transparent]Climax/black moment[/bcolor]
[bcolor=transparent]e.[/bcolor] [bcolor=transparent]Satisfying ending[/bcolor]
[bcolor=transparent]f.[/bcolor] [bcolor=transparent]handouts[/bcolor]

[bcolor=transparent]2)[/bcolor] [bcolor=transparent]How POV shifts perspective[/bcolor]
[bcolor=transparent]3)[/bcolor] [bcolor=transparent]Creating a sympathetic character through Motivation, Motivation, Motivation[/bcolor]
[bcolor=transparent]4)[/bcolor] [bcolor=transparent]Adding back story[/bcolor]
[bcolor=transparent]5)[/bcolor] [bcolor=transparent]Deciding whether to move on from the story if the antagonist didn’t behave well and show reformation of the character through heroic acts and genuine regret [/bcolor]
[bcolor=transparent]6)[/bcolor] [bcolor=transparent]Verses retelling on the same story using different plot points and shift in POV[/bcolor]
[bcolor=transparent]7)[/bcolor] [bcolor=transparent]What constitutes an antagonists so wicked that they are not redeemable?[/bcolor]
Nancy Brophy
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