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You’ve heard of “reverse engineering”, right? It’s when a company takes a product another firm has created and then tears it down to see how it works and then improves on it to tromp the original company’s profits nearly out of existence.

Actually, the first time I heard the term was in the movie Paycheck, where Ben Affleck’s character is hired to do just that…though…well, it’s a movie. It leads to lots of trouble for him.

But let’s say you really like a particular authors’ work…more than one, in fact. By reverse engineering the books you like best, you’re putting these authors in the inadvertent mentor seat. You like what they do, now you just have to figure out how they do it.

However, the same thing works in your own work when you’ve have a story that just isn’t hitting the mark and you’re stumped over why. You need to reverse engineer it to find the trouble spot and annihilate it!

In four weeks, that’s just what we’ll be doing. You could call it deconstructing, but this is nothing like deconstructing as you learned it in school, not even in a graduate class, because what we’ll be looking for are not the same things a literature prof does. We want to sort out how to write a better story, whether it’s a standalone, a trilogy, or a series.
Beth Daniels
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Mar 2, 2020 at 9:00 AM
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Mar 29, 2020 at 1:00 AM
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Interesting course and way of thinking and how to reverse engineer or analyze the type of book one seeks to write. Though provoking and insightful as classmates are on their own journey to writing the type of book they enjoy reading. Useful.