Second Pass Editing Webinar with Liz Pelletier

Webinar Second Pass Editing Webinar with Liz Pelletier

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Second Pass Edits

You’ve successfully looked at plot, characters, stakes, and structure during your first pass of edits. But are you done?

Not. Even. Close. Next up is a closer look at refining characters, fixing plot holes, upping the all important internal conflict, developing stronger end of scene hooks, and revealing voice.

Whoa! That’s a tall order. You’re right, it is.

There are three inconsistencies in motivation, plot, and structure that tend to prevent a reader from connecting with a story. In part two of this ground-breaking workshop, you’ll learn the critical elements of the Second Pass analysis, enabling you to see where your manuscript is strong and where you can smooth and refine your writing and structure to ensure your story is consistent and compelling

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Have you completed a rough draft of your book but have no idea how to tackle your edits? Have your submission efforts netted a full request from an editor or agent only to end in rejection after they’ve reviewed your manuscript? Do you want to learn how to edit like a professional editor? Join Entangled Publishing Publisher and SavvyAuthors' founder Liz Pelletier for this great three part series of classes.
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Jun 14, 2017 at 9:00 PM
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