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Romance novels have plenty of love in them, right?

Romantic love, yes, but there are wonderful opportunities to deepen your readers’ engagement by bringing in other kinds of love, too.

We’ll explore other types of love that permeate our emotional lives and drive our actions. Include one or more of these in each story to give your characters more depth and create more opportunities for conflict, change, and growth.

Plus you can introduce your readers to things, places, people, ideas, and more that you love.

Categories include familial love, brotherly love, love of friends, love of self, love of country, love of deity, love of animals, love of art, love of money, love of power, love of nature, love of death and destruction.

Lessons will look at the psychological background of each unique type of love, find examples in myth and stories, and give suggestions on how to weave this love into your works.

Self-tests and optional writing assignments will help you ground the information and become even more adept at writing worlds of love into your romance novels.

Storylines of love add spice and heart, no matter the genre or style. When well-written, the love aspect of a story lives on in the hearts and minds of your audience, long after “The End”.
  1. Spiritual Love & Love between Deities
  2. Patrios – Love of land and country
  3. Filios – familial/brotherly Love
  4. BFF – Best Friends Forever
  5. Animal Love – beloved pets
  6. Love of Art & Learning
  7. Love of Power
  8. Love of Death & Destruction
  9. Supernatural & Interspecies Love
  10. Twisted Love
  11. Breaking up is hard to do
  12. Transformative Chivalric Love
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