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Strategies to be an Excellent Writer with Irene S. Roth

Writing Life Strategies to be an Excellent Writer with Irene S. Roth

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Writer's Life
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Did you ever wonder whether you could ever become an excellent writer? There isn’t a lot written about how to become an excellent writer. It is a topic that a lot of writers shy away from because they feel that becoming excellent is not something they aspire to. This may be because most writers don’t feel that they could measure up against the best writers. Most writers believe that they must receive Newberry medals and other international rewards before they can feel excellent in their writing careers. No wonder so many writers don’t feel excellent!

I believe that to embark on the path towards excellence, you don’t need to receive outside recognition. There are other ways to embark on the path to excellence, ones that are in your control by the intentional choices that you make. This is a way of grasping and understanding excellence so that it is conducive to improving from the inside by small increments as opposed to achieving excellence through public recognition which comes to but a few lucky writers.

There are two spheres of excellence for writers: the inner and outer sphere. I will examine each of the spheres of excellence in this three week workshop.

Becoming increasingly excellent involves learning a new and positive mind shift. Through this mind shift, you can achieve anything that you desire, and you will be able to finally complete writing projects. And this is absolutely necessary in order to be an excellent writer.

So, join me for a workshop that will transform your writing career and give you the self-confidence that you deserve as a writer as you work towards becoming the best and most excellent writer ever. Sign up for my workshop today!
Here is a week-by-week breakdown of the workshop!

Week 1: What is Excellence? What is an excellent writer?
Week 2: How can you successfully become an excellent writer?
Week 3: Examine 15 habits of excellence that you can learn and apply to your writing life so that you can be the most excellent writer possible, starting today!

By the end of the workshop, you will have an opportunity to buy a very affordable e-book with all of the habits that you learned in this workshop and more. This book is yours to use after the workshop.

I look forward to helping you to develop the habits and mindsets that you most need to get on the path towards excellence!
Sunny Irene Roth
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