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There isn’t a lot written directly about how to become a successful writer. It is a topic that a lot of writers don’t want to think about because they feel being a successful writer is not something within their reach. This may be because some writers don’t feel that they could measure up against the best writers. Most writers believe they must receive Newbery Medals and other international rewards before they can be successful writers. No wonder so many writers don’t feel successful!

However, to embark on our own authentic path to success, I don’t believe you need to receive outside recognition. There are other ways to embark on the path towards success that is much more genuine, and this is within your reach by making certain intentional yet consistent choices every day. This is one way of understanding success from the inside by making small consistent yet incremental tweaks to improve daily and weekly as opposed to achieving success through the public eye, which comes to but a few lucky writers.

Therefore, I believe there are two spheres of success for writers: the inner and outer. I will examine each of these during the conference.

From the outer sphere, success is achieved merely by writing good quality books, which when completed will be recognized and measured by committees and agencies. According to this sphere, success is achieved ONLY if others approve of your work and assess it to be of superior quality.

This kind of assessment, however, is usually made by a small panel of individuals who believe (in their professional opinions) that your manuscript is of superior quality when compared to other manuscripts. Therefore, this view is subjective and highly dependent on the small group of individuals making the assessment. The writer has completely no control over how her destiny and success. For this reason, this external sphere of success is much more uncertain and anxiety provoking for writers.

Can the external sphere of assessment be a reliable and progressive measure of success? I believe this is one way for writers to result in uncertainty, anxiety, and a lack of self-confidence because there is only miniscule potential in this arena for achieving long-term success.

Therefore, I believe it is necessary to create a new paradigm of success for writers, one in which the writer is in the driver’s seat and can achieve success from the inside-out, one small action step at a time. I have created these habits of success based on the inner sphere of success. I shall explain it in more detail during this conference.

In this inner realm, the writer is in control of how to embark on the path of success. This path of success strengthens us by building our inner strength and resilience. Also, it will help us become stronger and more self-assured, which will help us excel.

Therefore, I believe the external paradigm of reinforces an image of success that is masqueraded by uncertainty and unpredictability. Success cannot thrive in this kind of hostile environment. Instead, success is something that develops from the inside-out over time by developing certain mindsets, habits, and capacities. So, it is important for the writer to practise the inner paradigm of success to become her best and not focus on the outer paradigm as much.

Therefore, in this intensive, I will offer tips to develop this new paradigm of success. I will outline some key habits of success that, if practised consistently, will lead to success. Thus, success is a process that is never completely achieved.

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Sep 10, 2021 at 9:00 AM
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