The Joys of Being a Pantser, AKA Anti-Plotting with Ruth Kaufman

Craft The Joys of Being a Pantser, AKA Anti-Plotting with Ruth Kaufman

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Your imagination and your characters can help you write if you know how to let them.

Via lecture, exercises and discussion, topics include: an overview of plotting vs. pantsing, how to change your mindset to understand who’s really steering the ship and why, how to free you and your mind from the demands of pre-plotting and the dreaded synopsis, ways to come up with more ideas more quickly and avoid writers block, how to go deeper into POV, tips for avoiding author intrusion and how to go beyond the story to move forward.
Workshop will cover:

Lecture #1: Introduction and where are you now
Lecture #2: Anti-plotting vs. Plotting
Lecture #3: Ways to incorporate Anti-plotting
Lecture #4: Get into character
Lecture #5: Strategies for deeper POV
Lecture #6: Attitude and pre-writing
Lecture #7: Keeping track vs. synopsis
Lecture #8: Puzzle writing
Lecture #9: Free yourself
Lecture #10: Reduce author intrusion
Lecture #11: Pros and Cons
Lecture #12: Summary and final questions
Ruth Kaufman
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