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The Road to Publication: Queries, Synopses, and More! with Chanel Cleeton

New for 2018 The Road to Publication: Queries, Synopses, and More! with Chanel Cleeton

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Once you’ve completed and polished your manuscript, the next step is to choose your path to publication. If you’re interested in traditionally publishing, you’ll need to evaluate whether you want to query an agent to represent you or if you’d rather submit directly to publishers open to unrepresented submissions. Either way, you’ll need to learn how to “pitch” your book, writing a compelling query that will catch an agent or publisher’s attention and land you a manuscript request. In addition to hooking them with your manuscript, you’ll want to create an author platform that demonstrates your commitment to pursuing a career as an author as well as your ability to market your book and your brand.

This workshop will provide tips for writing a compelling query, tackling the dreaded synopsis, offer strategies for querying agents and submitting to publishers, discuss building a social media platform prior to publication, provide tips for transitioning to writing on deadline for a publisher, discuss dealing with a manuscript that doesn’t sell, and more!
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Thanks, Chanel! I jumped ahead of myself a bit, as I'm not really close to querying. I'd heard so many worrisome whispers about writing the dreaded query, that I decided I wanted immediate "shock treatment". Thanks to you, queries don't have to be the stuff of nightmares. You provided great tips and excellent links. Plus, you were very patient with my questions. I appreciate that.