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The Ultimate Book Launch Success Formula with Lisa London

New for 2018 The Ultimate Book Launch Success Formula with Lisa London

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Business, Indie Publishing, Marketing, Writer's Life
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[bcolor=#ffffff][bcolor=transparent]Learn the 10-step secret formula for a successful book launch. Pantsing may work for writing the book but randomly searching for contests and promos when you’re ready to launch is not as awesome as having a rockstar list of:[/bcolor][/bcolor]
  • [bcolor=transparent][bcolor=transparent]Book Bloggers ready to go[/bcolor][/bcolor]
  • [bcolor=transparent][bcolor=transparent]BookTubers with pre-recorded book review videos[/bcolor][/bcolor]
  • [bcolor=transparent][bcolor=transparent]Book Hauls and To Be Read Lists[/bcolor][/bcolor]
  • [bcolor=transparent][bcolor=transparent]Contests and Promotions in your genre[/bcolor][/bcolor]
  • [bcolor=transparent][bcolor=transparent]Author Action Items for every week leading up to a launch[/bcolor][/bcolor]
  • [bcolor=transparent][bcolor=transparent]And more[/bcolor][/bcolor]
  • [bcolor=transparent][bcolor=transparent]Book Launch Workbook: Your 60-Day Planner from pre-launch to release day[/bcolor][/bcolor]
  • [bcolor=transparent][bcolor=transparent]FREE Book: How To DIY a Virtual Book Tour[/bcolor][/bcolor]
Lisa Latte
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The content was really valuable, though a tad overwhelming. There didn't seem to be much attendance from other participants, and I would've liked more interactive assignments. The teacher absolutely knew what she was talking about, but she did not respond as quickly to comments as I would have liked. Overall, I enjoyed the experience and will use the templates and guidelines provided - they definitely made me think of how to progress from here, and just what steps I need to take to successfully launch a book and myself as an author.