The Ultimate Guide To Writing An Inspirational Paranormal with Stephanie Spann

Genre The Ultimate Guide To Writing An Inspirational Paranormal with Stephanie Spann

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Do you write Inspirational Paranormal novels, but aren't quite sure where to start? Ever wonder if your heroine is allowed to sock her nemesis in the eye? Sure, your hero can quickly drop-kick an assailant, but should he? What about fear and doubt? How do they figure into a plot built on faith? Over this four-week workshop we'll learn ways to super-charge your uplifting message. Plus, learn the basics of creating a daily devotional for a deep POV of your character's faith-journey.

Stephanie is wild about Danish, Swedish and French police dramas and sci-fi adventures. Her dream rock concert would be, 'Jem and The Decepticons.' When she isn't penning “how-to” articles, you can catch her writing action-packed Inspirational Paranormal whodunnits. She is also the author of, "Zombie Apocalypse: Weekly Devotional."
Week 1: Introduction to the Inspirational Paranormal Genre
o The Anatomy of an Inspirational Paranormal: The reader, message and potential impact.
o Spotting the difference: Inspirational Paranormal vs. Inspirational Fantasy?
o 9 Top Tips For Getting Started With Inspirational Paranormals.
Homework: Choosing a faith theme.

Week 2: Action and Romance Elements: How Far Should Inspirational Paranormals Go?
o Is your character a bully or a believer?
o The Five Phases of ___
o Using ___ To Supercharge The Reader’s Experience
Homework: 10 Faith Blockers and Deep Solutions.

Week 3: Powering The Paranormal World: Research and Strategy
o Devotionals 101: The basics.
o Devotionals 101: Deep POV.
o Resources and Subject Matter Experts (SMEs).
Homework: Write a short devotional from a character’s POV.

Week 4: Powering The Paranormal World: Prayer
o Style (Length and Tone: Bold, Loud, Silent, Long or Short)
o Answered Prayers vs. Cancelled Prayers.
o Wrapping Things Up / Questions.
Homework: Write a short prayer from a character’s POV.

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