TikTok for Authors: Social Media Outreach that Works with Robin Jeffrey

Business TikTok for Authors: Social Media Outreach that Works with Robin Jeffrey

Robin's expertise AND her enthusiasm had even this old bird downloading the TikTok app afterwards. I've got a ways to go learning how to use it, studying how other authors use it, and venturing to make my (gulp) first tiktok video... but Robin convinced me to try!
I learned a lot of useful tips for using Tic Tok to engage with potential readers. Thanks!
This was a great introductory webinar, specially for those who just started or have not started yet. I have been using TikTok for several months now, so a lot of it was familiar to me. I would love to have companion webinars with more advanced features. Perhaps an intermediate one with an overview of some of their filters, and suggestions/demonstrations of other apps that can be used to edit videos, etc. And an advanced webinar going deep into content, resources, marketing, trends, etc.
Wow! I almost skipped this class because I didn't think I'd want to do videos. The info was so interesting and well presented - an hour after class I signed up for TikTok and posted my first video! What fun! Thanks to Robin Jeffrey for such a great class!
Great information and engaging presenter! Have a lot of info in a short amount of time.