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Tips and Techniques for More Effective Proofreading with Ally Broadfield

Business Tips and Techniques for More Effective Proofreading with Ally Broadfield

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Business, Editing, Grammar
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Editing is one of the most difficult tasks a writer faces and even seasoned authors often have difficultly detecting errors in their own work. When writers proofread their own work, it’s not unusual for them to overlook errors because their mind knows how the text should read and automatically corrects it.

Whether you’re polishing your manuscript for a contest, preparing to submit to an agent or editor, or planning to self-publish, knowing how to effectively proofread your work is an essential skill.

This is not a grammar class, but rather focuses on what you need to know to identify errors with capitalization, punctuation, sentence structure, verb tense, dialogue, homonyms, and plural and possessive forms. At the end of class, you will have a customized proofreading checklist. A list of grammar resources will also be provided.
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