Traditional, Indie, Hybrid: What’s Your Writing Career Goal? with Beth Daniels

Writing Life Traditional, Indie, Hybrid: What’s Your Writing Career Goal? with Beth Daniels

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Once upon a time, for the fiction writer interested in a long-standing career, there was only one answer: win a contract from a major publishing house. Doing it all yourself was frowned upon. In fact, if you did it yourself the book was labelled “vanity”, ‘cause it probably was ego over talent involved, and just the hint of such a thing was likely to kill chances at a “real” publishing house.

That’s no longer the case. Today we have Independent publishing, which does differ from “vanity”, though not entirely in some cases. You know the ones. The poorly written, barely edited stories tossed up in e-book formats by people who haven’t bothered to learn the basics, much less go beyond them, in telling a story .But that’s not you, right?

Independent, or Indie, publishing is seen by some as filling a void in the publishing world. It can also be seen as offering more options to writers who have been traditionally published.

That’s where the Hybrid category steps in. The writers under this heading haven’t thrown traditional publishing out in favor of the Indie route. They’ve settled a foot in both categories. The best of both worlds?

Not for everyone. Take a week to look over the options and find where the best place is for you to be RIGHT NOW and where you’d like to be in five or ten or more years. Seven days to look to the future while planning for the present. Doable?
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