Treat Your Plot Like a Journey with Beth Daniels

Plot-Structure Treat Your Plot Like a Journey with Beth Daniels

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How do you get from page one to the final page in your novel, novella, or short story? You treat it like you would when making vacation plans, that’s how.

Or, at least, it’s one way to look at it. And it’s the way I look at the journey when writing – in particular when it comes to my novels.

We won’t be using Mapquest or other ways vacation itineraries can be planned today. No, we’re going to take a step back in time because, well, Mapquest isn’t going to be able to help us with this, are they? So, we’re going to use a mental map for plotting out where the story is headed and what makes the most sense for stops/events along the way. Even when the road chosen suddenly has a detour or more pop up along the way – you know, those also known as Writer’s Block spots that need some revision of the plan. Sometimes as the sun is going down and there’s not a motel in sight! Or at least not one we’d want to stay in, much less stick our characters in.

Join me for a mini session during this year’s Savvy Author’s Writer Con. Adaptable for both plotters, pantsers and scribblers who are a bit of both (which I am these days)!
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I love love love Beth Daniel's classes and this intensive. She does a great job of explaining everything!