Understanding Unreliable Narrators with Andrea J. Johnson

Craft Understanding Unreliable Narrators with Andrea J. Johnson

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We love unreliable narrators like Tyler Durden from Chuck Palahniuk’s Fight Club or Amy Dunne from Gillian Flynn’s Gone Girl, but we rarely talk about how such narrators are written and what makes those characters so memorable. Luckily, we can garner a lot about the power of this technique simply from the fact that its usage can be traced back to the earliest forms of Greek literature such as Homer’s epic poem The Odyssey and can be utilized regardless of genre.

So this workshop will answer the big questions about this approach to viewpoint: What’s the best way to incorporate an unreliable narrator, and what are the benefits/pitfalls of the technique? What purpose do such narrators serve in fiction? How do you make your unreliable narrator empathetic enough that readers stay until the end? And when it’s all said and done, how can writers reveal their unreliable narrator without angering the audience?
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Latest reviews

Wonderful knowledge presented in a way that easy to learn. The technique of using unreliable narrators is interesting and gave me a new tool in my writer's toolbox to use. Thank you!
Very useful workshop. Now I understand POV unreliable narrators better.
This is an important subject and I'm glad I attended. Thank you,
I truly enjoyed this class. Unfortunately, I took it along with several others and did not have time to fully implement the knowledge I gleaned. I'll revisit the class later. Thank you.
Super informative and Andrea was super engaged which made the discussion lively and informative as well. I appreciate how much detail and the examples Andrea used to illustrate her points. Her responses were equally thought out and illustrative. I would definitely recommend this class.
A ton of information and lots of examples made for an interesting and engaging class. Andrea finds common ground with presenting and with her advice so I got a lot from this class. I highly recommend her class.
I'd hear of unreliable narrators but never dug into how they work. Andrea showed us not only what they are and the types there are, but how they can be used. Another tool for the toolbox!