Validate Your Book Idea (Before You Start Writing or Pitching) with Katie McCoach

Webinar Validate Your Book Idea (Before You Start Writing or Pitching) with Katie McCoach

Katie is an excellent instructor! I can see why she is such a great Book Coach. She modified and added detail to the course on the fly to accommodate questions throughout the class. The information was useful for idea formation, clarification, and contained broader publishing advice. It was a fun and informative class.
Validate Your Book was an excellent presentation. I loved the interactive group setting, almost like being there. Katie offered new information with confidence and style. Thanks
Wonderful presentation with great information! Instructor made the topic easy to understand in three separate 'waves.' Thank you for the class!
Good usable and applicable information that I can use in my writing process. Thank you.
Excellent and informative class. Katie McCoach presented the class very efficiently and helpfully. I liked her idea of writing the blurb and the synopsis before the story. A synopsis is easier to write when you don't have a whole book written. it's easier to summarize when you don't have a finished product. Great idea!
A fount of knowledge and fast talking=perfection! Thank you for taking the time to answer all our questions!