Voice on the Page with Shelley Souza

Webinar Voice on the Page with Shelley Souza

Shelley Souza has ghostwritten four books and over 400 articles on new technology. The Times of India said of her tribute to her parents (a renowned Indian painter, and an haute couturiere) published by Christie's in 2014: “An elegant image of the family so many years ago becomes the epitaph for the narrative that Shelley unravels for us with insight and deep sensitivity...She writes with an honesty that is rare and tender.”

Julie T. Lamana, debut author of the middle grade novel Upside Down in the Middle of Nowhere wrote in her acknowledgement page: A ginormous, heartfelt thank-you to my dear, devoted friend and mentor, Shelley Souza, for countless hours of reading those messy early drafts. You never wavered with your ability to ask the questions that needed to be asked, and you helped me to uncover the story that was buried within.

Shelley wanted to be a playwright and wrote her first play at the age of nine, which she directed in her primary school. It was called The Land of Green Bacon (she had no idea there was a book called Green Eggs and Ham). Somewhat by accident, instead of becoming a playwright when she grew up she became a theatre director. She moved from England to America in 1981, where she developed and staged new plays with emerging and established playwrights in New York and California for almost twenty years.

Her knowledge of actors and playwrights, together with her experience as a writer, informs her work with writers of all levels to bring their voice to the page.
She holds an MFA in theatre directing and BA in English, European and American Literature and Theatre Studies; is a member of the Authors Guild and SCBWI; and lives with her Bengal cat Zuli Souza on the upper east side of Manhattan.

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