What's in a Name? with Ashlyn Chase

New for 2018 What's in a Name? with Ashlyn Chase

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Would a rose by any other name smell as sweet? Shakespeare never tells us outright. Ashlyn Chase thinks she knows the answer, at least when it comes to pen names. Choosing the right nom de plume makes a difference. Whether you want a pen name for privacy or just to keep you identities separate, she feels it’s a good idea to have one. So, how do you find the right name?

Ashlyn has a number of suggestions, and a unique way to choose between all the options. Numerology! You’ll get a crash course is discovering your destiny number and what that means. Then you’ll learn how to find the digit a name corresponds to. After that, it’s just a matter of comparing what the different numbers mean and what you want to project.

After all, here’s your chance to reinvent yourself.
Bring a calculator. You’ll want to get it right!
Day one: Intro and why use a pen name? Pros/cons
Day two: Suggestions, urls for name websites, publisher's perspectives
Day three: List all possible names. (Homework: The mirror test)
Day four: Numerology instruction for finding destiny number and name number
Day five: Narrow it down. Test it out. Share.
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